Scriptwriting is one of the most important steps in video production. For those who do not know what a video script is, it is a written document containing directives for the actors and instructions for filming, including visual and audio information, sound effects, etc. It is the road map that keeps everyone on the same page. Scriptwriting is definitely something that you have the ability to do in-house. So, here’s a blog to guide you on how to write a script for your next promotional video.

Start With A Video Brief 

If you want to create an effective promo video, you need to start with a video brief. It will help you translate your ideas to production agencies and stakeholders. Key things to include in your video brief for the promo video to be succinct, relevant and compelling are:

  • Your business’ background
  • Your project objectives
  • The target audience
  • Key messages you want to convey
  • The tone of voice
  • Budget
  • And timeline

A video brief can be as long as you want it to be. But try to write down all the information in 2-3 pages.

Writing The Script 

A promotional video script is decided into 3 columns: narrative, visual and graphics.

3 Columns needed to create a promotional video

Narrative. The narrative column contains all the dialogue. Be mindful of how much text you write in this column, especially if you want to keep your promo video short. If your promo is more interview-based, you do not want it scripted word for word as a scripted interview looks unauthentic on camera.

Visuals. Visuals are the footage that will represent each scene. The narratives are used as a baseline to describe what sort of visuals are needed. Using expressive and creative language in the narrative stirs up stimulating and inspiring visuals.

Storyboards help with visualising how to effectively promote your service

Graphics & On-Screen Text. The last column in the script describes any on-screen text and graphics during the video. These could be, animated titles, visual graphics, CTA texts, etc. Having on-screen text and animation is important to get across any important phrases and terms to the audience.

Wrapping it Up

We’ve just gone through a simple framework to get the best script. But do keep in mind you can add additional columns to the script for things like scene number, location info, duration of science, etc. The script is the backbone of every promotional video, and it is, therefore, vital to share it with key stakeholders. Their feedback should be then taken into account to create a new draft script. All scripts should be polished beforehand. Otherwise, video production will take more time and money.

Promotional videos are there to show that your product/services will solve the consumers’ problems. A great script is able to effectively convey this message.

After reading this blog you will have an idea of how to write a promotional video script. Should you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask any of our team members.

Thank you for reading,