How you can generate revenue with customer reviews

We will go a little further than our oldest blogs and will explain to you how video testimonials generate revenue. 

In some of the latest blogs, we have been explaining and discussing this topic. Corporate Video normally helps get and attract more clients. But this can also happen with client reviews. 

Is it better to do text or video testimonials for customer review videos? We got to the point that video testimonials can be beneficial because it helps companies to increase their visibility and build brand trust. If people believe in their products and services, new customers will buy from them rather than from another business.

Moreover, video has always been more interesting than written material, and while written testimonials have their advantages, there’s something about a video that resonates with people.

But in these blogs, we did not talk about how video testimonials generate revenue, and that is what we are going to do today. Will it be true? Or will the costs of producing these videos overlap the revenues gained? Keep reading to find out.

producing a client testimonial review

More than just one speaker

By including multiple speakers in the testimonial video, your company can establish more credibility than with just one person. With two or more people giving their opinion in the same video you need to first ensure they are not going to say the same and then let them speak without a script. Moreover, be sure the people appearing in this videos are real people and are not just people acting like robots.

No script to increase the credibility

As previously said, try to let the testimonies speak for themselves. Yes, we understand that it might be tough at times since there are people who lack imagination. However, when someone genuinely believes in you and your offer, the correct words will fall out of their mouth.

Furthermore, when someone is following a script or certain guidelines, they appear to be robots talking, which no one will want, right?

And if your testimony can master word-of-mouth marketing, you’re pretty much set in terms of naturally reaching additional people.

When it comes to communicating information and creating trust, you need to have in mind that tone of voice, body language, clothes, and location all hold a lot of weight in the final result.

It is proven to work

According to WordStream, 59% of CEOs would rather watch a video than reading text. And then, it says 72% of customers would prefer to learn about a product through video. So this followed by the fact that testimonial videos generate revenue, becomes the perfect scenario for your company to start making these types of videos.

Moreover, it doesn’t mind if your company operates as a B2B or  B2C company, as these videos work for both types of companies. 

Lead generation thanks to video

Many of your target audience will be introduced to you for the first time through video material. This is hardly surprising given that video is one of the most popular lead generation tools available at the moment.

Videos are great for bringing customers into your sales funnel and moving them through the phases.

If the people seeing these testimonials are already familiar with your brand and what you offer, hearing others appreciate your work may inspire them to do the same.

Furthermore, we’ve discovered that video testimonials are excellent for screening out bad leads – that is, prospects that are unlikely to convert.

Guaranteed, a well-shot, well-edited, and well-executed testimonial will earn you great leads regularly.

hire a video agency for your customer review video

Quality over anything else

If you want to obtain more leads and conversions, keep in mind that quality is always important.

Don’t try to make your own testimonials if you know you won’t be able to do it. So don’t produce anything that you are not sure it will attract the correct level of attention. Or if what you’re generating isn’t a true reflection of the brand as a whole.

A professional video agency, like us Impress, with plenty of expertise will be the best choice for you. You’ll be able to generate sales on a worldwide scale and we’ll generate you an action plan for publishing your video.

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