How to boost recruitment and worker engagement with HR videos

Creating engaging and informative HR videos can be a powerful tool to enhance recruitment efforts and improve worker engagement. Even more, these kinds of videos do not require great effort and can out stand greatly the business.

As LinkedIn states, integrating video is a key component of the success of a recruitment strategy nowadays. Furthermore, job adverts that contain videos increase the number of impressions and, hence, receive more applications.

However, not only does it help potential clients to decide on whether to choose your company, but it also strengthens the workers’ company engagement. Video can be used to show gratitude to employees for their efforts, share success stories, or welcome new team members.

Effective strategies for HR videos

These are the best strategies for HR videos you can use to attract top talent and foster a positive and engaged workforce:

1. Display Company Culture

Human resources videos can provide insight into the company’s culture, values, and work environment. Emphasising your organisation’s distinctive characteristics can help you attract applicants who share your goal and vision.

2. Show a “day at work”

Making a day with us will show potential employees what to expect from working there. Also, it can provide a sense of belonging if they see themselves there even before the interview. In addition, these videos are currently trendy in social media. So, giving people the opportunity to know what to expect professionally will give your business an advantage.

improve your employee recruitment and engagement with this tip

3. Hiring Process Overview and Explanation

Since each company’s hiring process is different, giving an insight and an explanation of the process followed by the company, will make it easier for applicants.

Many organisations lose good prospects as a result of a clumsy hiring process. As a result, organisations and enterprises might begin employing explainer movies to demonstrate their extensive hiring procedure. As a consequence, candidates will have a better understanding of the hiring process and will be able to plan their next steps accordingly. Companies that employ videos in the recruiting process receive considerably more applications than those that do not, especially when unique recruiting videos are used.

4. Highlight Professional Growth Opportunities

Use HR videos to point out the career advancement options accessible within your organisation. Feature success stories of corporate workers who have advanced their careers, indicating that your company encourages and promotes professional development.

5. Use Storytelling

In HR videos, apply storytelling strategies to develop emotional relationships with viewers. Share examples of employees who have made a significant influence or overcome obstacles in the workplace. Thus, helping potential candidates envision themselves as part of your team.

6. Employee Testimonials

Moreover, including current employees in HR videos can be an effective approach to highlighting their experiences and perspectives. Testimonials from satisfied and engaged employees can resonate with potential candidates and make your organisation more appealing.

how employee testimonial videos help your recruiting process

7. Listing Advantages and Perks

Use HR videos to show how your organisation can contribute and the benefits it offers to workers. For example, it can be flexible work hours, the possibility of remote working now and then, wellness programs, or unique employee benefits. All this will attract top talents and retain the existing ones while improving worker engagement.

8. Have a call to action

Videos are appealing to Internet users and so, as video analytics enables for thorough measurement of engagement and drop-off, it represents a valuable opportunity for HR. Overall, encourage you to find what resonates with prospects and what does not, eliminating or replacing weaker sections, and building on the strongest bits for greater overall impact.

By implementing these strategies and creating compelling HR videos, you can boost recruitment efforts, attract top talent, and enhance worker engagement within your organisation.


Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will give you ideas for HR videos and explain the topic with visual examples.

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