I Only Need Video When My Competitor Does…

11th May 2017

‘I Only Need Video When My Competitor Does…!’

Video is becoming common place in a handful of industries, yet it’s not being adopted by all. Why? We find that certain companies decide to have video because their competitor decides to create one. A ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ if you will.

Keeping Pace

Over the years we’ve seen companies from a number of industries openly tell us – “we don’t need video for what we do”. Fast forward 6yrs and now we have the same companies ask us – “how should we use video to help our business and can we reuse that video across our social media?”

See Differently

It’s evident that a well done video will help you stand out, highlight and reflect on the quality of the service you provide. It can also be used to discuss your companies ethos and client work produced. But, why just follow trends? You’ve just become like the other 6 companies in your industry competing for the same business, saying and doing the same thing….

Watch & Learn

With video fast becoming common place for most companies, consider different approaches. Let your clients or customers talk for you, demonstrate your products and or services. There are many ways to get creative with video. Choose one and set yourself apart from your competition. You might even watch a competitors video and think of a completely different approach.

Watch & Recall

If 2 businesses in the same sector produced a video each, one decided to cut corners and the other invested their time and resources in the video which really shines with quality and creativity – which would you choose?

Here’s our slightly different take on patient testimonials:

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