The goal of a TV commercial production company is to create impactful TV adverts to attract people’s attention and increase sales. Any TV advert, for it to be impactful, requires some strategy. Therefore, the production agency (or the person in charge of the production stage) should spend some time thinking and planning the video. As it may be hard to come up with ideas for each video production, we have decided to write a blog to give you some ideas for your next TV advert campaign.   

Ideas for your next TV Advert Campaign

  • Share Exciting News

Is your company growing? Are you achieving great things? Are you releasing a new product or an update of your product? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, start creating TV adverts sharing these news and add them to your marketing campaign. These TV adverts show current and potential audiences that your company prioritises growth and continuous improvement over other objectives. Besides, these commercials not only get your target audience excited but push them to share the news with others. 

This idea is usually used by tech companies like Apple. They create TV ads for the upgraded versions of their products highlighting the new features to encourage people to take action. Hitstream also used this idea for their last TV advert. 

  • Bring in an Influencer 

What about using an influencer to promote your products or services? Influencers not only help establish credibility for your brand but also make visuals memorable. Besides, influencers usually have a huge amount of followers. Bringing one of them to your adverts can vastly increase your reach. 

  • Customer Testimonials

People value and believe your customers’ opinions. Therefore, it is so important to add customer reviews to your TV advert campaign. It is a lot more personable and relatable. To have an effective customer testimonial try to keep it as raw as possible. Use little to no scripting whatsoever. It is not about being perfect but about relatability. 

  • Make it Comical 

Bringing humour into the production of your TV commercial is an effective way not only to get your products and services noticed but also to spread the word about them. Here’s an example of a TV commercial created with a comical tone for Visqueen to promote their new bin bags. 

  • Utilise Time-lapses  

Another great idea is to have time-lapses to showcase the production process of a product or service that takes a long period of time to produce. A time-lapse condenses this long process down into video format for your audiences to visualise.

  • Tell A Story

Do you have a really good story to tell about your business (i.e. how your company was created or the problem the founders tried to solve when they set up the company)? Share it in your next TV advert. People are moved by stories so chances are they will be encouraged to make a decision. 

To make it engaging, you might want to exaggerate the story a little bit. But other than that, a story is a great TV advert idea. 

  • Be Authentic 

To get people to notice your TV advert, you should create content that breaks the pattern from the norm. To make this easier for your organisation, try to get to the core of what your product or service is about. 

Look for example at your values and at the “why” of starting the organisation. You will end up with a unique and original TV advert explaining the problem your organisation is trying to solve and the reason why your company wants to make a change in this area.   

So, brainstorm and think outside the box contents that speak true to the essence, ethos, policy, values, and responsibilities of your company.

After reading this blog, you may have an idea of which type of TV advert you can create for your next marketing campaign. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for reading,