Elevating Corporate Videos with Emotional Advertising and Customer Testimonials

Emotional advertising can make a business grow its audience. Along with customers testimonials, it can make customers engage and connect with your brand. As marketing trends evolve, developing trust between consumers and companies is crucial.

Moreover, content can become more shareable and memorable with new ways of video production. As emotions are an integral part of any human being, advertisers are constantly trying to reach them in order to understand consumer behaviour. All in all, leading to loyal customers and increasing engagement with the audience. But to achieve this, let’s understand first how to reach emotions with advertising.

What is Emotional Advertising?

Emotional marketing is a new strategic approach with the goal of producing emotions in the audience, with the ultimate aim of connection between the brand and its consumers. So, it is not only about showing your business and its practices, but instead, telling a story that resonates with viewers on a personal level. Such emotions can be empathy or joy. Therefore, emotional communication will change completely user experience and transcend the screen of the video.

Consequently, incorporating advertising based on emotions is key to change from conventional corporate videos. With it, corporate videos will focus on really demonstrating the values of the business and effectively communicating the message.

Concept of emotional communication

Benefits of Using Customer Testimonials

Including customer testimonials can improve corporate videos and even more, evoke emotions on the viewers. Some benefits can be:

  • Relatable Stories: testimonials from users who have worked with the business will make viewers connect with the story. By demonstrating the impact of the product or service has had on the consumer’s life, it will look more real. Rather than promotional content, which is usually how basic corporate videos look like.
  • Building Trust and Loyalty: trust can boost business relationships. Customer testimonials are able to enhance this, making potential clients feel confidence after viewing others opinion and encouraging loyalty.
  • Differentiation Strategy: being able to transmit emotions with testimonials is what will make a company stand out. Therefore, differentiating from other companies and offering an emotional journey to users.
  • Authenticity and Credibility: the review of a consumer will bring authenticity to corporate videos. People like real and genuine experiences to give credibility to a company. Even more, authentic content is a powerful strategy for videos currently.
Advantages of using customer testimonials in corporate videos

Impact of Testimonials that Serve as Emotional Advertising

1. Enhanced Viewer Engagement

Testimonials on advertisig can capture the audience’s attention with the correct use and approach of customers opinions. As a result, corporate videos will be more engaging, keep viewer’s attention.

2. Increased Conversions

Connecting emotionally with viewers can catalyse conversios. By feeling personal connections to brand’s stories, viewers will be more likely to make an action, either purchasing a product, subscribing or sharing the content.

Increasing conversion rates with testimonials

3. Positive Impression on the Company

Cosumers giving their opinion will take part into building a positive brand image. When the audience realise the positive impact the business has on real people, their perception will change positively. Hence, understanding the company cares about their customers and their opinions.

4. Recallable Brand Image

Well-thought testimonials are able to get in the minds of the viewers. Therefore, the audience will associate positive thoughts with the business, making it more likely to remember the brand when deciding to make any purchase decision.





To sum up, this demonstrates the huge impact testimonials can have into evoking emotions on corporate videos and advertising. As video has the ultimate goal of creating powerful storytellings to connect with consumers, incorporating customer testimonials will be a game-changer. According to a statement, “People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. Using emotional marketing in the context of corporate videos makes sure that those emotions are not just recalled but also treasured.

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