Important editing tips, which 4 do you need to know?

We have been sharing which are the six most significant video pre-production tips, as well as the nine most important video production tips. So, now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of how to begin video pre-production, we’ll go over the most important editing tips you need to know during the video post-production process. 

important editing tips - good editing program

1. Good video editing program

But before we get into the post-production tips, you should pick and become familiar with your editing program.

A good video editing software can allow you to transform your raw footage into something spectacular by adding scene transitions, changing the aspect audio, colour grading, adding titles and subtitles, and much more.

There are several simpler tools available, such as, and iMovie. There are also other more professional alternatives, such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro has everything you need to get started making professional-quality marketing films, and the cost is fairly inexpensive just about $250 per year.

But if you’re working on a Mac, though, you might be tempted to use Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

So keep in mind that both of them feature excellent free and premium plugins that will cut your editing time in half.

important editing tips - keep editing simple

2. Keep your editing simple

Now that you already know which program to use, you can start editing your videos. So we are now going to give you some tips for editing efficiently.

First of all: Tidy up your clips before you start assembling the rough cut. When importing your footage, clean up your clips. by setting “in” and “out” points for each clip, reducing their length by trimming out mistakes and pauses.

Secondly: Cut on the action. Make sure to cut to the next shot during the action that your subject is performing. If you cut from one scene to another, make the jump when there’s motion in both segments. This is smoother and more natural than jumping from one scene where nothing is happening to another.

Thirdly: assemble the rough cut before working out any timing issues.

And finally, don’t overdo it with transitions and effects. it can be fun, but don’t go overbroad. 

3. Don’t assume you can fix everything in post-production

The most popular editing packages such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are really powerful but they have their own limits.

For example, you simply won’t be able to correct the brightness or contrast of a video if it’s too over exposed or under exposed. 

These softwares still need sufficient information from the raw video you shot to help you fix these issues. 

Post-production should be seen as a process to add polish and finesse to your video, not an opportunity to go back and fix mistakes that could have been easily avoided during a properly planned shoot.

important editing tips - choose the right music

4. Choose your music carefully

Although not every video needs background music, adding it makes the video more engaging. However, you should be careful about your choices and ensure your music is suitable for your project.

Also, pay close attention to the licensing requirements. Unless you use royalty-free music or compose your own, most music is subject to stringent copyright restrictions.

Even if you are just the music in the background, it is still copyright infringement. So it could result in a costly lawsuit, so tread carefully and on the side of caution.

If you want to know which websites we recommend, like for example Free Music Archive, or SoundCloud,  read our latest blog where we talk about them. There, we explain in more detail what can you download from each of the platforms and how to make the most use of them.


We hope you have learned something from these important tips in video pre-production. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.



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