Here are the 4 tv adverts we did for Visqueen Ultimate

We were approached by Visqueen to produce a series of TV adverts for them in the Midlands, UK.

Visqueen is a British Polythene Industries Limited brand of polyethene plastic sheeting. Visqueen is a market leader in the manufacture, supplying structural waterproofing and gas protection systems. 

British Visqueen Limited was one of the first companies that started producing the first industrial trash bag back in 1960. These bags replaced paper sacks and metal containers. It was a crucial step toward the latter decade’s creation of residential polythene garbage bags.

It recently launched a new product to the market via Amazon: the ‘Visqueen Ultimate’, which as they state:

“Our company’s continuous drive to create the best product on the market saw the polyethene industrial waste sack develop into Visqueen Ultimate – the strongest domestic refuse sack and bin liner range made in the UK today”.

The Brief

Visqueen required a TV advert production company to produce four different TV Adverts for the spring/summer campaign of their new products. They would use these commercials to promote their products to the fast moving goods sector instead of business-to-business (B2B), how they currently had done business.

As the key audience were young working professionals around 23-40 years old, we agreed that these adverts would appear on terrestrial ITV.

What we had clear since the beginning was that these adverts had to have a sense of humour.

publication of our videos in Visqueen's website
Our TV Adverts on Visqueen’s website

Our Approach

The team at Impress Video generated the script for the TV advert ideas. First of all, we presented 5 ideas to the client, Visqueen, and they finally selected 4, and 3 out of them would display actions that happen around a house (Advert 1, 3 and 4).

Each of the ideas were fully formed into scripts and storyboards, all of which were cleared by ClearCast.

Location, location, location

Our location scout found a great location in Derby UK, close to the city centre with ample FREE parking (always, always useful for a location!). The house needed to showcase a kitchen, a front door as well as an open living room.

For this shooting we needed a total of 6 actors, 1 for two of the adverts and 4 for another.

The filming day would be from 9am to 6pm with a small team of crew including:

  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Gaffer
  • Makeup artist
  • Sound technician
  • Actors
  • EPK Videographer

The Shot Type

In two of the adverts we did, we only needed fixed shots (advert 1 and 3), which means that we basically needed only one shot size of the actor talking directory to camera.

Here we used as much natural day light as possible, bouncing day light back into the house onto the subject’s, also supported with some HMI lighting. The chosen sets/locations were long and wide enough to give the camera depth with our filming (depth means when the background is blurred out slightly giving it a higher quality look),


The days schedule was split into 3 sections – each advert and its location was given 3hrs to film which included set up and blocking time. The actors had already rehearsed their lines with director Gurmit Samra via zoom, so were more than ready when on location.

The team were fed well and finished with 20mins to spare. A rarity commercial sets as at times productions can overrun.

The Outcome

After creating these four advertisements, we produced and edited shorter versions of the adverts, so that they could reuse on different platforms such as Instagram posts, Facebook publications, and YouTube un-skippable Ads. The three used social media platforms provide insights into the videos’ performance. Therefore, Visqueen could measure the success of each video advertisement production in terms of impressions, comments, shares, and clicks. This data helped them tailor their future advertising campaigns.

all the tv adverts we produced for visqueen
tv adverts we produced for Visqueen Ultimate

And now we’ll discuss briefly what we did for each of these TV Adverts.

HIS BAGS: Advert 1 (Visqueen Ultimate Advert)

Visqueen required us to produce a 20 second advertisement for their new product, the visqueen ultimate sack and bin liner. We wrote, produced, directed and delivered a 20sec advertisement based around the theme ‘cleaning’ from a male’s perspective.

The video was available for YouTube video advertising, as well as for Facebook and Instagram commercials.

After watching the video, you will see that what the man is saying illustrates the durability of Visqueen’s bags. Moreover, after his girlfriend kicks him out, he doesn’t worry about the bag breaking and having his things scattered everywhere, as he trusts the quality of Visqueen’s bags.

MR ULTIMATE: Advert 2 (Visqueen Ultimate Advert)

Visqueen required us to produce another 30 second advertisement for their new product, the visqueen ultimate sack and bin liner. In this one, we delivered a 30sec advertisement based around the theme ‘gardening’ with a comical tone.

This video was also available for YouTube Ads, for Facebook commercials, and for Instagram advertisements.

Now that you have watched the video you will see that its intend is to show how heavy and big the bin liners can be. We did this by making a parallel with the man appearing on the video. And also it makes a comparison with the man appearing at the end by saying:

“Women of Great Britain, we can’t promise perfect gardening to look like this, and we’re really sorry if it looks like this. What we can promise is this visqueen bin liners being tougher bigger and lasting longer than your average”

Thanks to having posted this video online, we and Visqueen saw the huge success this advert had, as it reached around 400.000 views on their Youtube channel. The data collected was key to improve their up-and-coming online video advertisement campaigns.

HER BAGS: Advert 3 (Visqueen Ultimate Advert)

In the first TV Advert we have explained, Visqueen required us to produce another 20 second advertisement for their new product, the visqueen ultimate sack and bin liner. For this one we also wrote, produced, directed and delivered the 20sec advertisement. The key theme of this one was ‘spring cleaning’ from a woman’s perspective.

THE SEXY BAG: Advert 4 (Visqueen Ultimate Advert)

And finally, here we have the last advertisement of the 4 we produced. In this one we were told to We wrote, produce, direct and deliver a 30sec advertisement based around the theme ‘taking out the trash’ from a female’s perspective with a comical tone. This one was for their autumn campaign and, as in the other videos, Visqueen published this one on the three platforms.

BTS of our 4 TV Adverts

An finally, here it is the Behind-the-scenes video of this big project:


We hope you have found this blog interesting, and thank you for taking the time to read it,



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