How to Choose the Ideal Location for Your Corporate Video

Choosing corporate video locations can be hard if the business is unused to video production practices. Furthermore, the location of video production is key as it is what you showcase to your clients and makes a strong impact on the message you want to give customers. Therefore, choosing the appropriate place is essential for a good corporate video.

Moreover, the success of a video production can be greatly impacted by the surroundings of the production. The right setting according to specific locations is key and depends on many factors. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have made a post on top tips to help you choose the perfect location for your corporate video production. So, keep reading to shoot like a pro!

What Impacts the Selection of a Corporate Video Location?

Before selecting a location for the shooting of the video, understanding the objectives of the video is necessary. According to the message to convey and the target audience, the video will be more likely to reach its purpose. Also, the tone of the video will impact the location as it is not the same as making a formal or a more casual video.

In addition, the brand identity will make the video align with the message, making the production more engaging.

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Corporate Video Locations

Choosing a location can be challenging as it may be too big or too small, and sometimes, until setting up everything, you might need to relocate. Furthermore, climate can make a great location bad if for example it is too shiny or it is cloudy and you need more lighting than expected. However, those are unpredictable issues, so with these tips, you will be able to avoid problems as much as possible.

1. Take into Consideration Practicalities

The accessibility is crucial for both the people in the video and the production company as they will carry the cameras, lighting, tripods… Moreover, depending on the location you will need permission to shoot the video. Additionally, the cost of renting the place has to be according to the budget and the availability of the site.

2. Evaluate the Location’s Measures: Too Big? Too small?

A small place will mean that the cameras, lighting and set-up will not fit while making the place essentially behind a wall. Also, places that are too big require more lighting and more sound checks, making it harder to run smoothly the production process. So, measures are really important for shooting to go well and avoid unnecessary post-production work or having to reshoot parts of the video.

3. Windows are a challenge

Windows seems like a blessing and the perfect option for a corporate video, however, it can be bad if the light outside is too bright. More lighting outside means the camera only sees a shape. Besides, it will mean adding more lighting inside and having to readjust it every hour. So, it might make the video have different lighting, which will confuse viewers, hence, not making it look professional.

Background with windows can be hard
Windows can be perfect or be a challenge

4. Avoid Noisy Locations

Even though production with microphones and editing tools can make noise go away, it is time-consuming and hard to achieve. Furthermore, it will increase post-production costs. So, avoiding noise is essential to make the production flow. Also, noise can distract the people in front of the camera, which will make the process of the videography longer, meaning more costs and time. Viewers are distracted by noise in the background, which will make the video less interesting, engaging and compelling.

5. Have Depth Behind the Setting and Background is Important

Depending on the purpose, having a wall behind is not enough and making depth in the background will make the backlight look better. Hence, it will separate the background from the person in the video. Also, having a nice background will make people focus on the person. But if you use the wrong background, they will only focus on the details behind the important scene. So, make sure people are focusing their eyes and their attention on what is important.

the video needs depth
The background and the depth need to be considered

6. Check the Site before Making the Production

Check the location before making the final production, that way you will be able to see the lighting and make sure it aligns with the video’s purpose. Also, run a test of the production to ensure it is the perfect place. Noise can be checked as well to avoid post-production and editing issues that will add work while taking into account potential issues that may arise in the location. Overall, being fully prepared for the day of the video production.



Getting the perfect location, time and careful consideration as well as planning in advance will make it successful. By understanding the purpose of the production, taking into consideration issues and aligning with the brand identity of the business, you will make a video to engage with your audience. So, evaluate the space, the measures, and the background and check before doing anything. With these tips and the help of a corporate video production company, you will create a compelling and professional corporate video.

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