Email Marketing with Social Media Videos – Synergising Marketing Success

Email marketing with social media videos can keep your business ahead of the curve by integrating different channels. Nowadays, the marketing channel options are immense which can make you reach your ideal target audience. So, as email marketing is a powerful tool to increase brand awareness and improve conversion rates, why not add videos to it? Social media videos are the perfect way of attracting viewers’ attention as people are all the time on social media. Hence, mixing both would make video email marketing the perfect option.

On the one hand, email marketing has grown exponentially. Furthermore, the number of emails sent and received daily accounts for 347 billion in 2023. This demonstrates the importance of email as a form of connecting with your customers. On the other hand, social media videos generate leads and attract viewers to the site. So, in this blog, we will analyse how these two can be strategically combined to create a powerful marketing synergy.

Email Marketing vs Social Media Videos

Email marketing is a direct way of interacting with your consumers. By approaching them directly, they will get a feeling of customised content and interest in them. Also, by sending emails and reminders, consumers can make the decision of finally purchasing your products or not.

What is email marketing
Using videos on email marketing

Social media videos can improve engagement on various social platforms. Social networking can be improved with social media marketing (SSM). SSM is using social media platforms in order to generate leads for the business. Overall, connecting with consumers and enhancing brand exposure.

How Email Marketing Converges with Social Media Videos

Email can boost traffic to all social media apps. By including links on your social media platforms, you can redirect to your website. In addition, you can post your social media videos on your email marketing. Also, on email marketing, you can add your social media profile links and even make a summary and reminder of what you’ve posted lately on social media.

Consequently, if you mix both marketing platforms in your marketing strategy, the returns will increase. So, make established relationships with your customers and provide them with interesting content. Thus, using social media to keep viewers connected and reminding while strengthening customers’ trust in the business.

Email marketing with social media videos synergy
How to synergise social media videos with email marketing

Creating a Dynamic Video Email

Email marketing started when marketers came up with the idea of sending an email directly to a customer. And so, customers opened the email, hence, marketers began to use it to approach consumers.

Currently, marketing specialists use email marketing to increase the chances of attracting viewers. Along with the right tools and new technology, brands are able to give users a personalised experience. For this, the content has to be chosen accordingly through audience segmenting. So, if you want to make a dynamic email, you can add a short video at the beginning, the middle, or the end of that mail. Either animation, a short clip about a product’s features, or even a reel that you posted on Instagram… the options are unlimited!

Making an email marketing along with social media videos
Creating dynamic videos for marketing strategies

Benefits of Social Media Videos along with Email Marketing

1. Creating Engagement Links

Engagement is the ultimate goal of digital marketing and it can be improved with the synergy between email marketing and social media videos. Emails can include internal links in the content that they provide to consumers. Additionally, social media can lead social users to access your website if they find your social media content interesting.

2. Increasing Brand Visibility

Digital marketing strategies are a way to attract viewers to a business and increase its awareness. So, emails are great to make updates and keep consumers posted on the business news. Consequently, adding social media videos and links to those channels can improve the brand experience for viewers and reach more audiences.

Boosting brand awareness mixing email marketing with social media videos
Improving brand visibility

3. Raising Conversions with Visual Narrative

Marketing efforts target converting leads into consumers. While emails can be a sales force by correctly approaching consumers or offering deals, social media can be the form in which consumers first get knowledge about a brand. So, if they find your posts eye-catching, they will be more likely to search for the different products or services you offer. Therefore, by mixing both platforms with video content, you are able to tell a story and evoke emotions or even convince customers to buy.

4. Taking Advantage of the Data Edge

Lastly, when a business makes social media videos and carries out an email marketing strategy you get data from consumers. As a result, this can offer analytics, buyer patterns, click-through rate information, or even audience demographics.

Getting consumer patterns by social media and email marketing information
Converting consumers’ information into data analytics


Digital marketing strategy efforts are dynamic and constantly changing as new trends come up. So, marketers must address this challenge by thinking of different ways to approach consumers. Also, linking different digital efforts to increase leads and enhance marketing returns with social media strategies included.

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