Discover what this LinkedIn Study found about B2B Videos

This LinkedIn Study discovered what makes a good B2B video. But first, we need to know how they did it.

To begin with this study, they analysed thousands of LinkedIn ads worth more than 500 hours of video materials. Thanks to human and automation processing methods, the LinkedIn team could set the different 38 categories of B2B videos for LinkedIn Posts.

Moreover, for every video they analysed, they checked important metrics in marketing. Such as cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-view (CPV), click-through-rate (CTR), and view-through-rate (VTR). After doing this extensive analysis, they found that some metrics were constantly present in the most successful LinkedIn B2B ads.

sell more with these linkedin b2b videos

1st finding: animation

When talking about online video, animation can probably be one of the most engaging types of videos. Not only because of its visual attraction but also due to its sophisticated way of attracting and telling a story. With this type of video, the chances of your product or service video selling more will increase for sure.

They found that the videos and ads that used these motion graphics did much better than the ones that did not use them. Moreover, they achieved a 3% click-through rate. Fantastic isn’t it? So what are you waiting for starting with animated videos?

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2nd finding: the audio

When watching loads of videos on any social media platform, the most probable thing will be you ending repeatedly singing non-stop a song you have heard in one of those videos. 

This is why music and audio are important aspects to consider in your videos, not just casual audio. Always try to follow trends, and look at what sells more. 

However, not every platform is the same. And what this study from LinkedIn found is that a whopping 79% of videos on the LinkedIn feed are watched without the video’s audio on.

Moreover, they found that using single audio sources (videos with a simple narration, or simple music) performed better than using loads of audio types at the same type (music overlaid with a voiceover)

They have found audio is not that important for your LinkedIn videos. So now you will be probably thinking, what can I do now to engage with the viewers? Continue reading to find out.

3rd finding: the caption

By displaying a caption, you ensure the viewers of your video will understand the message of your B2B LinkedIn video. But what you need to do is to use simple and understandable words.

Try not to write more than 150 characters, as videos that went beyond this point suffered more in achieving a good engagement.

4th Finding: demo and offer

Most people using LinkedIn do it to learn and discover new brands and products. So why don’t make the most out of this and start using your ads to showcase what you sell and how you sell them?

This research found that demo videos of products were doing extremely well. They achieved great video engagement, and even a decent CTR (click-through rate).

What’s more, this study revealed that if your video included some offer at the end, the chances of your video succeeding were higher. On average, the ads including these offers were seen until the end 1.2 times more than an average video.

5th: the CTA button

To make your audience pay attention to what you say, and to ensure they show interest in your brand, try always using video. 95% of consumers retain the message better this way than if the message were written. So what are you waiting to start using video?


We hope you found this blog interesting, and now you are able to implement any of these LinkedIn B2B video tips in your video marketing strategy. Thank you for taking the time to read it,



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