7 Live Streaming benefits for your brand

16th August 2021

In recent years live-streaming has been picking up in popularity. Especially due to the pandemic, organisations have had to adapt the way they interact with their stakeholders. This has enabled them to recognise the enormous potential of live streaming. Live streaming comes with its challenges like any other medium of marketing, but once overcome, it has many benefits. So, here are 7 powerful benefits of live streaming for you to decide if it is suitable for your brand.

7 live stream benefits

1. Easily boost credibility 

What is so special about live streaming? A live streaming video puts your brand on the spot for people to know the real and personal side of your organisation. The audiences know that you are taking a risk in showcasing yourself live, hence boosting the credibility of your brand. A pre-recorded video cannot easily provide this trust and belief in people as these videos can be scripted, edited, and manipulated to portray a certain image. 

2. Focus on people interested in your product/service

A normal live stream can run for hours, a person taking his/her time to stick through till the end of the live stream shows commitment to your product and service. By introducing live streaming video to the marketing of your brand, you are most likely focusing on the people that genuinely are interested in buying your product and service. 

Live streaming video in your marketing strategy is a great way to filter through the crowd of irrelevant people towards your product and services. By the end of the live stream video, you are left with just the right audiences to turn into leads and easily convert later. 

3. Ability to monetise the live stream

If you have valuable content to share with your audiences, you can monetise your live stream. You can either use a monthly subscription or a pay per view approach. If the content and audience are of their interest, related businesses may even sponsor your live stream. 

Obtaining a high ROI from your live stream will depend on the quality, value and professionalism of your content. Thus, careful planning and execution are essential to help you with this. If it is within your budget, it would be greatly beneficial to work with a professional video marketing agency. 

4. Best way to get feedback

Live-streaming is making it easier for your audiences to communicate and discuss opinions with you. This is beneficial for your company as the instant and honest feedback you receive can help you make fast and effective changes to your products and services to keep driving results and stay ahead of the competition. 

5. Stand out from the crowd

Live streaming your service is a bold initiative, instantly differentiating your brand from the others. Organisations are still understanding the potential of live streaming, which is why it’s still not being prioritised and done by many companies.  

The power of live streaming is that it shows others that your company is willing to be vulnerable. It represents to others that your organisation is here for something bigger than itself, here to better the world for everyone. 

6. Low costs to start

Live streaming can be completely free as you do not need any fancy equipment to get started. All you need is your smartphone and the best platform to stream for your brand, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. All you need to be careful about is refining and planning your marketing strategy effectively beforehand. 

7. The ability to repurpose 

You can repurpose the live stream in many ways afterwards. Indeed, you can create a promo, ads for future live streams, content for your social etc. 

The most effective way to repurpose a live stream is to turn it into bitesize videos for people to easily digest. It is also very effective to include these bitesize videos into your email newsletters to create more engaging content. 

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of the main live streaming benefits. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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