What’s special about expensive TV Adverts?

expensive tv adverts

Although most businesses try not to spend a lot of money on advertising, let’s assume one out of every 1000 develops complicated and expensive Tv adverts. But are these unique, and do they share any characteristics? Or could they have just saved a lot of money?

Almost seven decades ago, in 1955, the first television commercial was broadcast on British television. These advertisers attempted to offer toothpaste that was as “fresh as ice”.

Yes, we know this was hardly the most creative idea to sell toothpaste. But it marked the start of many decades of very creative campaigns and advertisements.

The cost of advertising is determined by two factors: distribution and production.

The majority of the time, production costs between 1000£ and 50,000£. However, the expenditures on broadcasting are what significantly raise the expenses. Although the average payout is roughly 100,000£, it can be done for a lot less money, but it can also be done for a lot more money, as some commercials have had to pay more than £1M to air their ad where they wanted to.

However, the time spent on originality, concept generation, and large production teams is what causes these last to be such expensive TV commercials. As a result, many people remember these commercials even decades after watching them.

So during this blog, we will discuss expensive TV Adverts, give some examples and will tell you what is special about them.

Expensive TV Adverts

Chanel: the film (2004)

This is the world’s most expensive TV commercial, costing roughly £25 million.

What made this Chanel No. 5 unique was the duration, which lasted almost 4 minutes. Another significant factor was having the award-winning filmmaker Baz Lurhmann involved. Being him the director of the Red Curtain Trilogy blockbusters such as Moulin Rouge!, and The Great Gatsby, among many others.

Wasn’t this sufficient? They didn’t think so, so they hired that year’s Academy Award winner for Best Actress, Nicole Kidman.

Aviva: names (2008)

Back in 2008, this British insurance firm wanted to change its name from Norwich Union to Aviva. As they wanted the entire world to know about it, they spent £10 million on a TV commercial called Names. The reason why they put this name was because it discussed the significance of changing names in order to become famous.

So who better to accomplish this than Bruce Willis, Ringo Star, Alice Cooper, and Elle McPherson? They four were born with names other than the ones we all know them by, but they decided to change them so that they could become someone in their industry.

The fact that these prominent people were speaking in front of the camera was what made this advertisement unique. Despite the fact that everything else was so easy, they were able to achieve their goal, and Aviva became considerably more well-known than before.

Sports Direct: Christmas ad (2021)

After discussing the most expensive TV Advert ever, as well as the most expensive British TV Advert, we discovered that they were from the 2000s. That is why now we will discuss the most expensive TV Advert from 2021.

For this £6 million Christmas TV commercial, Sports Direct decided to assemble 16 of the country’s greatest athletic talents. Some of the names include tennis player Emma Raducanu and footballer Jack Grealishthe.

It goes without saying that what makes this advertisement unique is the presence of so many professional athletes. That, combined with the great images and well-delivered message: “it’s time to shrug off the cold, go out, and make this season your best one yet.”


What we want to convey today is that, while these are fantastic, you can produce incredible TV commercials for considerably less money.

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