Successful Social Media Videos – Going Beyond Views

Successful social media videos drive engagement and attention to businesses and websites. Therefore, by approaching them correctly, companies can connect directly with their consumers. Furthermore, social media keeps being the top favourite form of internet users way of interaction. Hence, it can be crucial to get potential clients and make loyal customers the ones that are already.

Moreover, a successful social media video is measured by the views they obtain. However, it is also about engagement, how many people shared content, liked the post, or even clicked the redirecting link. So, it is a set of different components that truly mean that a social media video reaches its target. Thus, it requires a good understanding of consumer approaches to increase leads, make strong marketing campaigns, and increase consumer loyalty. So, if you want to learn more about how to do this, keep reading!

Importance of Views

Views are a significant indicator to consider when determining the reach of a social media video, but they only scratch the top layer. In addition, high views do not always mean success or high engagement, which are the ultimate goals. So, while views are important to try and drive attention to a business, it is not only about it. There is much more to consider and other metrics to consider to make a meaningful impact on social media.

Are views the most important thing for reaching successful social media campaigns
All is not about views on social media success

Key Considerations for Successful Social Media Videos 

1. Conversions: Getting People to Take Action

Conversion rates are the second most common way of assessing the success of a video production. More specifically, conversion counts the number of visitors who take action after seeing a video. For example, completing an order, subscribing to a newsletter, or installing an app.

So, marketers use conversion to revise how a campaign performs in terms of business achievements.

Videos conversion rates on social media
Analysing conversion rates

2. Creating Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Connecting with consumers is not easy, but if you can reach them, establishing a long-term relationship will give your business great returns. A loyal customer base is what any business desires. However, this is a difficult task and requires time as consumers are used to changing from brand to brand as they are not usually attached. For this, there are some tools to maintain customer retention while increasing the number of new clients.

3. Brand Loyalty

Consumers establish a connection with a business depending on whether the content reaches their emotions or not. So, companies can improve their way of interacting with users by reading comments, taking their feedback, and analysing what content they engage in more. So, if consumers resonate with the content, they will be more likely to be loyal to that business.

How can brand loyalty improve your business
Achieving brand loyalty

4. The Sharing Advantage

Shares can increase the reach of a video as well as increase its credibility. It is not the same as coming across a video and then watching it after your friend sent it to you. So, sharing means that the person who got it will be intrigued by the content they are going to watch. As a result, if a video has a high number of shares, it means that the video has effectively reached its purpose of increasing the audience.

Metrics and Analysis for Successful Social Media Videos

Firstly, to examine conversion rates, the most used tool is Google Analytics. Also, social media platforms produce insights that can be revised to assess this. Therefore, it provides a way to analyse how many people clicked on the video and shared it and so, achieving great ROIs and optimising the future content accordingly.

To analyse consumer patterns, data is a powerful tool to get viewers’ insights. So, qualitative data from social media can shape successful strategies and approach correctly clients.

Next, customer retention is key for business success and it can be achieved by producing quality content for clients. If customers can relate to the business, they will be more likely to purchase again from your company.

Lastly, shares can make a video viral, and social media algorithms put first content with high engagement rates. For that reason, if people share your video, the algorithm will rate it higher and show it to more people. Overall, it increases the reach of your video leading to greater engagement rates and appearing in more feeds.

Improving success of videos with metrics and analytics
Using metrics and analytics to improve success


To summarise, while views remain an important statistic for determining the first reach of a social media video, they should not be the exclusive focus. As well, marketers must examine conversions, brand sentiment, customer loyalty, and shareability when determining the success of a marketing video campaign. Additionally, businesses may optimise their strategy by understanding the larger impact of social media videos. So, developing material that not only captivates people but also produces concrete commercial benefits.

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