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5th April 2017



Red Cow Media has taken social media marketing by storm in Manchester. With a young diverse team who keep producing results, they firmly believe in Impress Video’s ethos, that all media marketing campaigns should be trackable, measurable and scalable centred on ROI.


The managing director Kelly White shares her views on the different aspects of the current digital marketing mix and the services the agency provides.


The Red Cow Interview

Here are some key takeaways from our video interview with Kelly.

Key changes in the industry:

Obvious shift to mobile targeted marketing.

Facebook for business is fast growing amongst numerous sectors.

How can clients maximise on their online presence?

Retargeting is key for businesses to maximise their online efforts.

SEO – a few optimisation points will really help you drive more traffic back to your site.

How are your clients using Social Media?

Paid Social Media has developed it’s paid platforms on Facebook & Instagram.

E-commerce sites should be doing paid social media as cost per click can be of better value compared to Google Ad-Words.

What best practices would you advise clients?

Encouraging clients to ensure their websites are up-to-date.

User testing on own websites and shopping processes via independent testers.

Thoughts on online video?

Video for our clients is vital for paid advertising.

We’ve found video gets a lot more traction than static images.

Video is a great way for a brand to come alive.

When looking for a new agency?

It’s important for an agency to listen to its potential client and their needs.

The agency should be asking the right questions in getting to know you.

An agency that talks about themselves more than you is a no-no.

Look for agencies with good credentials and good portfolio of work.

Ask what KPI’s they work with in house e.g. return on investment etc.

Why do clients choose Red Cow?

Clients choose Red Cow Media because they have a good trackable ROI.

They place an emphases on customer service.

They are really proactive in providing new ways of offering ideas which can be used in real campaigns.


Interview by Gurmit Samra


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