Reshaping Training Videos for the Digital Age: Microlearning

Training videos are evolving as new trends come in and the latest is microlearning (micro training videos). Traditional methods are no longer used, and new trends mean new ways of learning. Therefore, microlearning has arisen as a powerful way of video content and an approachable way of training. Thus, offering viewers short video content that does not require much concentration and so, boosting engagement.

In addition, we are currently in a phase in which viewers want things easy and after the pandemic, we got used to watching things at home comfortably.

Consequently, by making microlearning training videos, users will be more likely to get more committed smoothly. So, it benefits both the company and the viewers. But first, let’s start by deep diving into the concept of microlearning.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning means giving viewers short video content, making it engaging and focused-oriented. Hence, it is composed of bite-sized videos that do not take over several minutes, around 3 to 5 minutes. As a result, the goal of make videos engaging with short quizzes in them or even infographics. Consequently, making more efficient the learning path for modern audiences.

Therefore, microlearning makes videos easy to watch and does not require great effort to watch the videos. So, making it perfectly length to keep viewers’ attention and enhance the learning experience. This video, explaining about microlearning is in fact a micro training video.


How does microlearning relate to Training videos?

As this term is increasing its popularity, it also affects the training video content, from the design to the length and the layout. This way, viewers will be able to get the most out of online training videos.

In addition, materials are being broken down into shorter and more focused parts. Thus, educators are strategically thinking of new ways to approach modern technological audiences.

Benefits of focused training videos

1. Time Efficient and Flexibility

Microlearning means adaptability for users. Short videos fit in the gaps that viewers may have between their daily tasks and do not require much time. So, it can be shaped by users to adjust different schedules. Lastly, it also means the flexibility of accessing content anywhere just online.

2. Target Oriented

As videos have to be adjusted in short time frames according to reach specific goals and purposes for each, it is target-oriented. Even more, it provides learners with the possibility of choosing the modules that meet their needs. So, enhancing and making learning personalised.

An advantage of new modern training methods is that they are target oriented
Target-oriented is a benefit of modern learning

3. Higher Retention Rates

Knowledge is more likely to be retained if it is repeated or if the content is not long and with concise information. Microlearning-focused content means that by delivering information in more feasible pieces, people will retain more of the knowledge given.

4. Training videos Engagement Improves

Adding interactive and eye-catching subjects will visually stimulate viewers, as well as with interactive elements like real-world scenarios in which learners can experience the knowledge applied. As a result, the engagement of these micro training videos will increase.

Using training videos enhance engagement
Boosting engagement rates with training videos

5. Ability to Adjust to Current Technology

These micro training videos are closely related to new technology integration. Such adjustments are in terms of compatibility with different devices. Taking this into account, it will lead to consumers being able to access the content anytime and anywhere, with any of their devices. So, making the whole process of learning easier and enhancing continuous learning.


To sum up, microlearning for training videos is a growing trend that does not seem to be stopping in the near future. It is a way to create dynamic and engaging video content from which viewers can learn in short periods of time. By being able to make targeting and accessible content, your training videos will improve and you will increase the engagement rates. So, it is time to adapt to new forms of learning and deliver training content either for external users or internally in your company.

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