10 mistakes to avoid in a Corporate Video

22nd July 2021

Corporate videos are videos created by companies or organisations. Although corporate videos are commonly used for general company publicity and branding, they can also be used in business environments and for multiple purposes. When creating a corporate video, make sure you avoid the following mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid in a Corporate Video

1. Not having a clear strategy

If you read the blog regularly, you will understand why a video strategy is important for effective video production. Before creating any content, you need to understand what to expect from the video. How should the viewers feel? How should they think? Take the time to create a strategy considering your overall business goals and define your target audience. Combine the first two important steps together to educate your content and distribution methods. You will have a deeper understanding of your audience and how to use video more effectively in the future.

2. Oversell

If video marketing cannot generate more sales for your business, it is a waste of time. However, sometimes companies start sales too early. People are smart enough to know when a business is selling products, but they don’t have to feel like they are watching a company marketing video. Instead, focus on ways to provide viewers with truly valuable and useful video content. You should talk to them directly and have a deep understanding of their needs.

3. Focusing on the whole picture

In order to maximise the effectiveness of each new video, many companies have made the mistake of creating corporate videos that are too general to be used in multiple ways. They aim to increase brand awareness, sell products, attract users’ attention to social media or even hire new employees with one video. However, after watching these general videos, audiences are not able to tell who to speak or what to do. Thus, make sure you focus on on objective.

4. Not having a clear message

As mentioned earlier, each video should have a clear call to action to reflect the central message and purpose of the video. The truth of human behaviour is that we like to be told what to do next…If your video has no call-to-action they will be clueless about what to do next even if the viewer interacts with the content. The viewer may end up just clicking off the video. Don’t give them this opportunity!!

5. Poor quality videos

Poor audio, overexposure of video or blurry shots can distract viewers. If someone is distracted by one or more of these issues, they won’t pay attention to the message you want to convey in the video. Therefore, the quality of video production is very important. You want people to internalize your marketing message without being disturbed by the technical details of the video production process.

6. Not measuring results

Posting a new corporate video is exciting, but your work does not stop a day’s efforts. You have to review metrics to ensure your next campaign is even more effective. Although invalid metrics (such as views, social shares, and likes) are good, remember to look at how long people watch the video, which parts they revisited, and which parts they skipped. This data can give you a clear idea of ​​which of your audience is effective and which is not it. You can transfer this knowledge to your follow-up videos.

7. Avoid using captions

If you create a corporate video without subtitles, you may lose viewers without audio. Although the impact may vary depending on the platform, not including captions may have a negative impact on your conversion rate.

 8. Not driving conversions

Even if you create a beautiful video that gets a lot of views, you may not get the conversion rate you expected. Ensure you add a call-to-action to tell audiences what to do next. Including calls to action in the script is a way to leave notes, but you can also use illustrations and graphics in post-production.

9. Poor sound quality

Audio also plays an important role in how viewers perceive your video. If people don’t receive your information, it may lead to lower engagement and overall negative perceptions. There are three main factors to consider when capturing audio from a video: the recording environment, the distance between the microphone and the sound source and the type of microphone used.

10. Set the wrong tone

All needs the correct tone in the storytelling. The video has to make the audience feel the right emotions to maximise the results that you are looking to get from it.  Be aware that all the different elements such as lighting, sound, wardrobe, scripting, etc, all impact the tone of your message. If you are going for a fun corporate social video for example, you would not want to include moody lighting and slow music.

After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of the mistakes to avoid during corporate video production. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.  Stay safe and we look forward to working with you.

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