Why you need a company culture video ASAP

Humans have a natural need to belong, whether to a person, a location, or something. So, in a workplace, this sense of belonging persists. As a result, we urge businesses to use video to communicate their culture and values to potential employees and customers. So, in this article, we will first discuss why you need a company culture video and how it affects both employees and consumers. Finally, we will walk you through the process of creating a company culture video.

The employee’s sense of belonging

Companies must establish a healthy corporate culture to create a seamless workflow, good communication, and productivity at work. And you may be wondering, what is a company culture?

A positive business culture means the company accepts you for who you are as an employee and work with individuals with whom you get along well. Proper company culture comes with workers being able to interact with the company successfully.

When a person is looking for a new job and conducting a broad search of firms for which they would want to work, culture will have a significant impact on their selection and ultimate decision. But we’re not talking about free water, bicycles, gyms, or breakfast buffets. We take it a step further by referring to: 

  • Helping and empowering employees to perform their best
  • Promoting employees’ professional growth
  • Praising their efforts
  • Allowing them to combine their lives and work
  • Providing incentives for good work
  • Providing good treatment among coworkers

In fact, based on a reserach report from the 2018, and from the Talent Board North American Candidate Experience, 44% of applicants stated that business values were. what they found to be the marketing content with more value. This was closely followed by “details on the company’s culture” (37%), and responses to “why individuals desire to work here” (33%).

Belonging in the consumer sense

Furthermore, business culture films may help you grow your consumer base and strengthen your relationships with current customers.

Customers measure the perceived value of a product or service against the asking price when evaluating it. Marketers have usually focused a large portion of their time and efforts on managing the price side of the equation since raising prices may quickly increase revenues. However, maintaining a very modest set of data is generally the easiest aspect of price, and pricing analytics and methods are highly sophisticated.

The elements may assist managers in creatively adding value to their brands, goods, and services, giving them a competitive advantage with consumers, who are the actual arbiters of value.

But what exactly are these elements? According to a study made by the Harvard Business Review, following quality, the important aspects are determined by the industry. Not surprisingly: 

  • The sensory appeal is a close second in food and beverages. 
  • Heirloom (a good investment for future generations): matters in consumer banking.
  • A lower effort and the ability to save time is important in the Smartphones’ industry. As well as, connection, integration, variety, enabling access, and organisation.

But after deciding your value proposition, how can you determine whether it is on target? The answer is simple: when your closing rates increase. When a company’s value offer matches that of its client, the possibility of this product being purchased by the client improves from a 15% chance to almost a 40% possibility. If you do it well, you will be translating value into compelling new reasons for your customers to purchase from you.

Here it comes video

However, explaining your corporate culture may be tough, and it is not necessarily something that you can put into words. That is why a business culture video may have a significant impact on potential workers and consumers. While there is no specific recipe for making the ideal business culture video, it is critical to be real and focus on what distinguishes your workplace from the competition. We hope you found this blog interesting, and thank you for having read it, 



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