Options for capturing Testimonial Videos during the pandemic

3rd June 2021

As a result of Covid-19, many brands had to reinvent the way they create testimonial videos. However, video is still the most powerful and profitable way for companies to start new businesses. In fact, the cost of video advertising has dropped. Testimonial videos are one of the most effective ways for companies to showcase potential and existing customers their professional knowledge, why they become experts in their fields and how to help customers. Besides, customer reviews are strong social evidence that shows that the brand keeps its promises.

However, the only obstacle is the production of videos. From a logistical point of view, it is difficult to send a large number of film crews to the workplace. Except for the fact that most people work from home. What are your options? Don’t worry, there are many ways to collect testimonial videos from satisfied customers and turn them into high-quality, interesting, and informative case study videos.

1. Animating a written testimonial videos

This means that social connections are no longer needed because everyone involved in the project can work from home. Create animation videos through written proof, so that animators have the ability to visualize. Most voice actors also have a home recording studio, which means that professional dubbing can be recorded in accordance with legal requirements.

2. Record audio at home

The audio recording quality of your smartphone is good enough to be used as a narration for animated videos. The presence of the speaker’s voice makes the testimonial videos credible. However, it depends on the interviewee’s ability to take notes. Available sounds, don’t be too messy, no popping sound. If it is interesting, we can tell your interviewee how to record high-quality audio on the phone so that the video sounds best.

3. Use video calling software for testimonial videos

Video calls are a simple and inexpensive way to conduct face-to-face conversations. In this section, people are introduced to video calling software, such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. You can record a video call or both at the same time. Sound and sound work at the same time, which makes it a convenient and affordable way to record video and audio when people are not in the same room. The quality may be poor. Therefore, it is worth considering whether this will affect brand recognition or whether you think the audience will understand.

4. Live streaming

Generally, the quality of live broadcast recording is higher than that of video call recording. There are some applications that allow you to record a live stream from a person’s phone, but you need to pay. It can be tricky to set up, but it’s a good choice. If the material is urgently needed, you can choose it.

5. Using Professional equipment

If you are worried that the quality of the film will affect your brand image, we can send one of our professional cameras and laptops to others. This provides high-quality video and audio, especially because we can stream directly from the camera to track lighting, focus, framing, and background. If you are present during the video call, other people can also set up and shoot. Although this may be a relatively expensive and time-consuming option, it does guarantee high-quality video beyond the continued popularity. If the person you are talking to doesn’t like the release, you can also choose to send an automatic rescue in case the person can plug it into their phone. This means that she can easily read the script while looking at the camera lens. All equipment is also disinfected to ensure everyone’s safety.

6. Hiring a studio

You can rent a studio next to the interviewee and send the camera and operator there. We recommend that all parties drive or take a taxi to avoid using public transportation. We also provide a complete risk assessment and methodology. Performance before shooting; check the studio ventilation system to ensure environmental safety. And provide recommended personal protective equipment for people who use the camera. Because there is enough space to maintain social distancing, using a studio is preferable to other indoor areas. Recording in a recording studio is also useful because it can produce excellent sound quality. Studying can be expensive and requires travel. The background of the studio may sometimes look fake, but some accessories can make the background look more vivid. If the respondent likes to travel, then this may be a good choice for capturing high-quality video content. Problems that may exist outside the crisis.

If you are considering investing in video production and you would like to learn more about us and the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.  Stay safe and we look forward to working with you.

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