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Aston Martin

Eli Ankutse is the chief editor of the creative agency “Rose and Thorn”, having launched brands such as Ape to Gentleman, Joshua’s magazine and Samson. He has demonstrated a track record of working in media production & brand management. He continues to prove his lifestyle influence collaborating with power brands such as Bentley, Maclaren, Aston Martin, Leica, Vacheron Constantin & many others). Eli has shown an array of skills in Business Strategy, Brand Growth & Digital Marketing.


Eli Ankuste wanted a video production company to give his influencer video channel the edge it needed in showcasing 2 highend luxury cars, the Bentley jeep and the 2018 Aston Martin. The brief was to showcase the cars in such a way as to bring a temporary feel to it – giving them a personal touch.


Working closely with his Bentley and McLaren briefs we produced 2 luxury car video productions back to back. Thus using the latest video tech in order to capture the cars at their peak performance. We filmed the cars inside and out as well as in motion, tying together the production with Eli’s narration. The luxury car video production for both McLaren and Bentley were used on a number of social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

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