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Believe is a Multi Academy Trust with the key objective in raising educational achievement for children. They do this by providing first class education that will inspire, motivate, challenge and unlock potential. Believe expect their academies to achieve more. They do this by recognising and harnessing the power of individuals whilst also working as a collective. Furthermore, they are committed to building a Trust which is accountable to its employees. In this way, providing career opportunities and an inspiring workplace.


Believe Academy Trust wanted 2 videos, of the teacher and pupil journey. In both videos believe wanted to capture their latest facilities, teaching practices and the diversity of the schools facilities. Believe wanted to stand out from other trusts and acquired our promotional video production services for their website and social media channels. We spent time at one of the Trust’s schools with both teachers and pupils to really understand the ethos of the Trust. This helped us to clearly understood the objectives for their video production. We set about scripting and storyboarding the x2 1min videos in which Believe wanted to: attract new teachers to their trust and, get the attention of other secondary schools looking to work with a new trust.


The outcomes of the creative promotional video production resulted in a different approach to attract new pupils, teachers and primary schools by telling 2 compelling 1min stories. Believe wanted to move away from the cliché talking heads of ‘why the organisation is great to work with’. Instead they opted for narratives that spoke for themselves. There was a real collaboration with the team at Believe as they had some strong video ideas which fused well with us and our approach.

What our client said

“The team at Impress were great to work with throughout all the stages of the project”.
by – Graham

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