Pravins Jewellers

Established in 1969 Pravins is a leading British jewellery company. The business developed a passion for fine diamonds and gemstones. Today, Pravins Ltd operates shops in Reading, Cardiff and Bluewater (Kent). Over forty staff present the finest diamonds and jewellery across their UK stores today. Their ultimate goal is to offer a unique diamond jewellery buying experience, both in the store and online.


Adapting to customer buying experiences, Pravins wanted to bring their products online and in doing this, they wanted to capture product videos for 400 pieces of jewellery. From diamond engagement rings to bespoke custom made jewellery. The videos were used on product pages as well as numerous social media channels.


Filming for 4 days continually, we filmed over 400 pieces of jewellery meticulously. Lighting, movement, sound and editing was the key. Here we used soft box lighting and custom made turntables with long lenses to really pick up the fine details of the diamonds. We provided the videos with and without voice over for options online. In the end the result was higher visitor retention rates via Pravins online store. Inquires were followed up with links to product videos in relation to client queries.

What our client said

Impress Video and the videos they produced played an integral role in bringing the Pravins’ website and brand to life and inline with Customer demands and expectations. Brilliant.
by – Moon Rashid

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