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Visqueen Ultimate – The Sexy Bag Ad

Visqueen is a market leader in the manufacture, supplying structural waterproofing and gas protection systems. It recently launched a new product to the market via Amazon: the ‘Visqueen Ultimate’, which is UK’s proposed strongest black bin-liner. 


Visqueen required a TV advert production company to produce a key TV ad for their autumn campaign. The video was available for YouTube video advertising, as well as for Facebook and Instagram commercials. The TV ad targeted a young female professional audience with a comical tone.


We wrote, produced, directed and delivered a 30sec advertisement based around the theme ‘cleaning’ from a female’s perspective with a comical tone. In addition, we produced shorter versions of the main campaign for Visqueen’s social media channels. These shorter videos were used for Youtube’s un-skippable advertisements and Facebook and Instagram. The three used social media platforms provide insights into the videos’ performance. Therefore, Visqueen could measure the success of each video advertisement production in terms of impressions, comments, shares and clicks. Data that helped them tailor their future advertising campaigns.

What our client said

“I highly recommend their services. A very professional organisation that gets to know the product and the targeted market very quickly and delivers beyond your expectations”.

by – Lucinda Holmes

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