“People Don’t Just Talk, They Talk Social”

18th September 2018

“People don’t just talk, they talk social”

I came across this amazing follow up video from Sales force a couple of months back and felt compelled to share it.

Ex CEO Angela Ahrendts of Burberry (now at Apple) highlights some key industry insights when it comes to a companies brand and, in particular, the brand Burberry. In this incredibly engaging video Angela highlights the key connections between product, customer and the ongoing conversations brands have with the end user 24hrs a day.

Around the Clock Social

How can a brand communicate 365 days of the year?. Simple, it’s the continual efforts in ones marketing. The book Big Bang disruption, by Larry Downes & Paul Nunes, highlights that even if a company does not push any web presence, they are still directly impacted by the internet. They use a great example of a small restaurant being tucked away off the high street. Although the shop might have nothing to do with the web, a single travel advisor or 4 Square review might highlight the restaurants great food but poor service. These are key factors that could make the couple waiting outside deciding whether to go in or not while flicking through the restaurant pictures taken by diners on their mobiles.

All Voices are ‘Seen’

It’s known that most big organisations are now responding faster to tweets than emails. Why? Obvious, because tweets are in the public domain. They can be seen, shared and responded to by thousands in seconds.

Everyone with an Internet connection now has a public megaphone to the world. The so called ‘little man’ has a voice and rightly so, no longer are poor products and or services viable in this modern age without people noticing and discussing it.

Video and the Social Strategy

People buy people, and when they see a video on a website or via ones social media of the representative/voice/personality backing the product, idea and or vision, people will and do connect. Evident from the endless Kick Starter campaigns where founders are saying ‘choose us because…’.

The same can be seen for organisations across the web now opting for website video on their home-pages with a personnel or voice over overplayed with images of the company representing the organisations ethos and services.

Be Inspired…

So ladies and gents enjoy the video and have a look at an earlier one, produced by Sales force, again by Angela on Burberry. Amazing to see how in the space of 2 years people’s direct voices have become a key factor in the success and lifeline of a products brand.

Thanks for reading

Gurmit Samra


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