How much does a corporate video production take to make a video?

Video marketing is increasing its popularity in the advertising world. Hence, understanding the process of corporate video and its importance to your corporation is key to gaining a competitive advantage.

Each minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and more than 4 million videos are viewed. This shows the necessity of videos for your company. And this not only happens on YouTube but also on other social media platforms.

So, making a corporate video production implies the chance of getting more visibility and targeting new audiences, which would result in getting more clients. That is why we will explain to you what it takes to make a corporate video with an agency like us.

The process of corporate video production

1. Brief (meeting and target of the corporate video)

First, is the strategic development part, in which we plan the video content marketing strategy. We meet with our clients to get their content goals and their brand guidelines. Moreover, if you do not have a working brief, we will work together to identify your style, key messages and output.

Furthermore, we will establish the digital channels you want your video to be advertised on. Depending on your network and social media, it will have a different approach for each focus. Once this is discussed, the budgeting will be accordingly confirmed.

Lastly, in this first part, we understand that generating leads is the ultimate goal of your corporate video. So, together with you, is part of selecting where to distribute and optimise the video.

With all this clear, is time to start working together.

Working brief clarification and what to do next
Meeting to choose the target and working brief

2. Approval of the project

When budgets and timelines have been approved, it is time to produce a schedule, script and storyboard.

This second part is all about planning and creating a guide of what to do at each time. Thus, ensuring everything is in place for the project.

3. Production of the corporate video

Next, it is time to start the actual production of the video. You will start working with the professional crew at your offices or the location where the filming will take place in.

In addition, all the lighting and setup will be carried out by the production team. All of this involves interviews, recordings and voiceovers.

Concerning the rolling, it will end up with an A-roll footage and a B footage. On the one hand, the A-roll footage is the raw filming that will end in the final video. Whilst the B-roll footage relates the behind-the-scenes and supplementary material, which may be for a behind-the-scenes video.

Corporate videos production process
Filming of a corporate video

4. Editing

Once the filmed footage is finally done, our editors will get into building the final corporate video. By bringing together the production and adding music and animation where necessary.

Nevertheless, keeping in mind the timeline and the professional outlook of corporate production. Thus, ensuring high-quality and professional-looking videos.

Editing in the corporate video production process
Corporate video editing

5. Delivery of the final work

Finally, it is time for the last step, the delivery of the video. We will deliver the high-quality final video/s, photographs and content via an outline link ready for you to use. What is next for you is to start using the video and advertise it on specifically targeted channels.

All these processes will lead to a video like the following we made for Aveva.


To sum up, the corporate video process is easier with a production company and its team of professionals. After reading this post, you should have a clearer understanding of the steps of the production process. Hopefully, next time you consider making a corporate video production, you will consider us for the work.

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