Marketers are increasingly using videos to promote their products or services. There are many video types out there, but one of the most effective video formats to communicate how a product works and to highlight its main features are product videos. Coming up with a good video idea may feel daunting, but we are here to help. Keep reading to find 10 awesome product video examples that will most likely inspire your next product video production.

10 Awesome Product Video Examples To Inspire You

These examples cover a wide variety of video formats, but they all use unique, memorable tactics (bright colours, energetic music, animation, voiceovers, etc.) to capture potential buyers’ attention as well as brand tone and voice.

  • Salesforce: Show a scenario to capture viewers’ attention

This video highlights several situations where a sales manager would need to use the product. Showing people using the product will help viewers understand how the product works and decide whether it covers their needs. Problem and Solution.

  • Apple: Get creative with music

Apple often uses bright colours and electro music in their product videos to stimulate potential buyers and to encourage them to make a purchase. It also names new product features throughout the video. This helps customers know what to look forward to in the new phone. Apple is seen to be a driver of popular culture. A trend setter.

  • Slack: Show your professionalism with a cohesive design

Slack uses similar style elements (a minimalist animated design, brand colours, similar characters, etc.) throughout the entire clip. The cohesive design gives the video a professional look and encourages viewers to keep watching.

  • Venmo: Keep it short and sweet

Venmo explains how their product works in less than 1 minute. It shows through the use of compelling animated characters how easy it is to download and get the app set up. Showing the simplicity and usefulness of the app will encourage many users to download it

  • Unroll.Me: Focus on the problem solved

This 30-second product video shows how Unroll.Me helps people like you and me deal with the daily junk mail that we receive. Showcasing the problems that the product solves rather than the features will help viewers identify if it satisfies their needs.

  • LinkedIn Learning: Highlights the benefits of the product

This product video not only explains how LinkedIn Learning works but also tells viewers what they can achieve if they use the product. Those mentioned benefits encourage many viewers to make a purchase.

  • Grammarly: Explains how its product works

This video shows how Grammarly works. At the same time, it highlights how the writing app benefits you in different situations.

  • Salesforce: Focus on single features

This product video is used to explain how the “Wave for Service” feature works. These demos that explain a single feature rather than the entire product show viewers how the product can help them on a more detailed level. (The “Wave for Service” feature is one part of the Salesforce platform)

  • Headspace: Welcomes all users with inclusive casting

Headspace uses cartoons rather than humans in their product video to target people from all backgrounds and experiences. An inclusive cast (animated or humans) is key to encourage users of all types to try the product.

After reading this blog you may have a brief idea of what to do for your next video production. Should you have any questions, or should you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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