Embracing Diversity on Screen: Crafting Authentic Corporate Videos for Nestlé

Portraying diversity in corporate video production is key. Nowadays, with globalisation, people move between countries. As a result, there are different types of people working in a corporation. So, diversity and inclusion also have to be demonstrated through videos to craft authentic content.

Video content is a form through which corporations can demonstrate visually their practices and values. Also, explain more about what they add to society and present themselves, making it easier to connect as you see real people.

Importance and meaning of Portraying Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Videos

How Diversity and Inclusion Boost Corporate Videos

Diversity and inclusion symbolise essential values that appeal strongly with audiences globally. Corporate videos send messages effectively and serve as the identity of the brand in the society. So, companies may help their viewers feel a feeling of belonging and connection by representing different perspectives, cultures and languages.

Consumers are more likely to trust business that are authentic and really champion diversity and inclusion. Currently, people are getting more socially conscious and corporate videos must not only focus on attracting more customers but also building connections and loyalty with consumers. By incorporating thoughtful representation, businesses will be catalysts for positive social change.

portraying diversity and inclusion for corporate video production
Inclusion and diversity in corporate videos

Corporate Benefits of Diversity Video Marketing

Diversity video marketing can improve returns for businesses. Investing in varied and inclusive media allows corporations to effectively communicate and interact with all of their audiences. Viewers will improve the corporate perception and will tend to trust and chose that business among others after watching their values and culture. So, creative representation is a good way to increase relationships with consumers while increase the returns. Here are the main benefits for championing diversity on videos:

  • Diverse representation fosters innovation and creativity within organisations. Companies that embrace varied perspectives and experiences can have access to a variety of ideas and insights that drive corporate growth and uniqueness.
  • Enhances brand reputation and consumer loyalty: social consciousness is what matters no and consumers want to align with the companies brand they buy from. So, representing diversity will build credibility while strengthening brand loyalty.
  • Boosts employee engagement and retention: seeing yourself represented in corporate videos makes people feel valued with that corporation. Hence, giving a sense of belonging through positive work culture and retaining employees.
Diversity video is beneficial for a business and it’s marketing

Embracing Diversity in Corporate Videos – our latest work with Nestlé

Working with Nestlé, we made a project regarding inclusivity and diversity to show different people working in a corporation. Also, it was a rewarding experience as it is always good to innovate and adapt as we grow. Furthermore, producing a good storyboard made the filming process easier and smoother by having clear directions and the video flowed on its own.

As a video production company we are always willing and excited to move from traditional videos when necessary. Furthermore, championing diversity and inclusion is crucial for any kind of business. That’s why we proudly shared on our social media a BTS about the project and the video filming.

Furthermore, as we are honoured to share our work and be able to put in video different content, we thought it would be good to make a blog post regarding these practices in corporate video production. If you want to see more about the project, here’s the video from our YouTube channel.


Overall, portraying diversity is a strategic approach as well as a good practice for a business with the intention of being interconnected. By crafting these videos, companies can foster empathy and build lasting relationships with the audience. So, as a video production company, we are committed to leading by example such as the one explained above.

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