Opti kinetics Product Video Case study: Everything Behind our Promo Video Project

Video case study is a great way to demonstrate how useful videos are for businesses. So, here we are with another explanation on one of our projects about a promo video. More specifically, on our work with a start up that sells a product called opti kinetics.

Start ups are gaining importance as they are powerful business ideas concepts. Also, the products and services they offer are becoming popular and the returns they can achieve are high. However, one of the key steps start ups need is to produce videos to get them known in a new public and promote their business idea. Therefore, product or promotional videos are the perfect fit.

Interrelation Between Products and Promotional Videos

On the one hand, product videos aim to explain a product or service, showcasing its advantages, how it works and/or the problem they solve to consumers. Hence, by introducing product videos to the marketing strategy, a business can be benefitted from it, increasing their customer base.

On the other hand, promotional videos have the goal of informing people about a business and what they offer consumers. There are many reasons to make promo videos, but mainly the goal is usually to convey information and give an extra push to customers in order to buy.

So, product videos can be closely related and enhanced along with promo videos. If a business offers a product, showcasing it is a good strategy to get awareness. Nevetheless, promotional videos are more informative. Therefore, if a product video is made, and it is strengthened with a promotional video, it will demonstrate the product’s features along with the extra details, making consumers decide to buy.

Video Case Study of Opti kinetics Explained

We recently made a project to showcase a product from a start up and explain their story through a promotional video. In addition, we helped them raise 44,738 pounds as a result of the project. Therefore, even though videos are thought to be expensive, the returns they give are very high when the quality and the use is the correct one.

Steps in the Production Process – Brief explanation

First, as we got contacted by the start up, we needed to get more information about their business. Also, getting inspiration from what they want to transmit while aligning to their brand image. So, then we could start working on the product video in order to demonstrate the characteristics and how it can be used.

Next, for the promotional video, transmitting the story of the start up was key. So, we learned about it and aligned it with the targets of the public they wanted to reach. Overall, making the video production a strong marketing tool for the start up to use, and it was successful!

inspiring from the company image and what they want to transmit
Inspiration based on brand image

Product Video Case Study

Product videos showcase the features of the product and how it can be used. As the video below demonstrates, making it short and concise, will give credibility and make it attractive for users to buy. Also, by including transitions and eye-catching elements with a good sound, the video can be enhanced.

Promotional Video Case Study

As the video below demonstrate, the production and video result is different from the product. Not only demonstrates the product, but also what the company has to offer. By including animations and the company’s story, the video is engaging and easy to watch. So, making customers want more and actually being interested about what it is being offered.



By working alongside a production company with experts, videos can improve businesses performance and their profits. Also, product and promotional videos have been proven to be effective. So, making them powerful marketing tools for any kind of business, from start ups to big companies. Thus, we hope that after reading our post, you understand how videos work while we demonstrated the effectiveness of including video production.

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