Project – The Dubai Start Up

29th March 2017

The Dubai Project

A new start up – Sherwani King

“Gurmit we want to change the way the industry thinks about hiring a Sherwani”.

It was one of the first times a company was pitching me to get on board their new concept to market. Instead of buying a male garment for an Asian wedding, one could now simply hire it for a fraction of the price online.

I for one love the innovation and change technology brings – this sounded like a disruptor – I was game.

The Prep

This was Impress Video’s first international film shoot. Having landed in Dubai we got settled quickly and started our reccee’s, which were scouted before our visit. Working closely with a local media facility we casted models in our hotel’s lounge.

With Storyboards on the table, we film in a hotel located in the finance district, making use of a number of angles. The cinematographer uses an interesting approach to his shots, using a glass before the Black-magic camera lens. At first I was like ‘what the…?’ However, when I saw the results on camera I was really impressed. I learned a new technique. We film the garments in this way and then, matched up the shots with the lady waiting outside.

Take 2

With the 1st shoot in the can, I find myself in the heart of the desert. I spot my camera assistant taking pictures of me putting up the tripod. Wait, what am I paying him for?

We’d broken down an hour ago, 1 mile from the location on one of the many motorways that trail through the open desert. I had convinced the driver to crawl the vehicle to the location and wait for the recovery team to collect us from there. Might as well make use of our time while in the heat right? After a 5min contemplation the driver took us to the location where it felt like we were traveling in slow motion.

Having gulped 6 liters of water of a company I cannot pronounce we get the shots we need. The models awesome, he’s game for getting all the choreography. We take numerous breaks out of the sun in the car, which is only slightly cooler. Recovery truck arrives, night falls and we’re pool side reviewing the shots of the day.

The Results

In the edit we produced 3 advert lengths: 15sec, 30sec and 45secs and we test them across the web on multiple platforms. From Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and Twitter to blogs and on the website. Web traffic stats showed the 15sec advert to be the most effective on social media channels in driving traffic to the main website. Here, users would then watch the 30sec Advert to get the ‘fuller picture’.

The 30sec ad would be watched by 80% of new visitors for its whole duration after which Google analytics showed visitors browsing throughout the collection of garments and seeing the price packages.

Overall, it was a great experience. It wast incredible seeing the results for Sherwani King and their ROI on their video production investment.


It was great to hear that Sherwani King was awarded for Best Groomswear Supplier at the British Asian Wedding Awards 2017.

Thanks for reading

Gurmit Samra


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