Sherwani King: our first international film shoot

We, Impress Video, had the pleasure of creating a TV Advert for a startup,  Sherwani King in 2017. This company, specialised in the male garment industry, sought to revolutionise the traditional way of buying Asian wedding attire. Instead of buying, customers could now easily rent online, making it more accessible and cost-effective. As they told us:

“Gurmit we want to change the way the industry thinks about hiring a Sherwani”.

This was Impress Video’s first international shoot, and we were excited to head to Dubai for the project. There, we created a series of advertisements that would promote their brand and services. From the start, we understood the importance of creating a TV Advert for a startup, and how to orient the advert to the innovative concept of Sherwani King.

The Advert Prep

When we began our collaboration with Sherwani King, our first step was to find the perfect location for our shoot. We needed a place that would complement the aesthetic of the garments and capture the essence of the brand. With Dubai being the city of glitz and glamour, we knew we had to make it count.

We quickly set out to scout locations, exploring different areas of the city to find the perfect backdrop. It was important to us that the location was easily accessible for our team, models, and equipment, and that it would provide ample space for us to work with.

Through the help of a local media facility, we were able to cast models in their hotel lounge and have our storyboards ready for the shoot. The models were all excellent, bringing the garments to life with their charisma and confidence. We knew we had made the right decision in choosing Sherwani King as our partner.

For our location, we selected a hotel in the finance district. The sleek and modern architecture of the building provided a stunning backdrop for the garments. While the bustling city streets below added to the energy and excitement of the shoot.

We took a unique approach to cinematography for this shoot. Our director used a glass before the Black-magic camera lens to create stunning visuals. This allowed us to capture the models and garments in a new and creative way, producing impressive results that stood out from traditional wedding attire advertisements.

Doing a 2nd take

Project: Sherwani King TV Advert
producing a tv advert in the desert

During our in Dubai, the Impress team encountered a minor setback when our vehicle broke down in the middle of the desert. While this unexpected turn of events could have derailed the shoot, we refused to let it get in the way of our goals.

Instead of giving up and calling it a day, the team made the most out of their time and proceeded to the location where they captured the shots they needed. Despite the harsh desert conditions, the models performed exceptionally well, executing the choreography perfectly, resulting in a successful shoot.

This setback highlighted the importance of adaptability and flexibility in the world of video production. In an industry that requires a great deal of planning and organisation, unexpected events can occur at any time. Therefore, it’s essential to have a team that can think on their feet and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles.

Despite the initial setback, Impress Video was able to turn the situation around and deliver impressive results. This experience serves as a testament to the team’s professionalism, resilience, and ability to overcome challenges.

The Results

tv advert for a startup
Sherwani KDubaiing project in dubai

Once the shoot with Sherwani King was completed, Impress Video began the post-production process. This involved editing the footage to create three different advert lengths: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds. The purpose of creating different lengths was to test which ad length would be the most effective on different platforms.

We then tested the ads on various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and thei website. After testing, we found that the 15-second advert was the most effective which meant that it could easily catch the attention of potential customers while being on social media.

Once users were on the website, they were able to watch the longer 30-second advert. This one provided clients with a more comprehensive overview of the garments and the services that Sherwani King offered.

We were pleased to see that 80% of new visitors watched the full advert, indicating that it was engaging and informative. Google analytics then showed that those who watched the full video quickly went to check the new collection. This was a positive sign that the advert had succeeded in driving traffic to the website and generating interest in Sherwani King’s products.

Overall, the results of the testing were encouraging. Impress Video’s ability to create ads that were tailored to different platforms demonstrated our expertise in the field of digital advertising and our commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.

Updates from the company


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The partnership with Sherwani King was a success. It was great to see the results of the startup TV Advert and measure the ROI of their video. Sherwani King has now gained recognition in the industry, with over 27.3 thousand followers on Instagram and winning the Best Grooms Wear Supplier in the UK 2022.

At Impress Video, we’re proud to have been a part of Sherwani King’s journey. We look forward to more successful collaborations in the future.

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