A promotional video is a marketing tool used to inform or educate consumers about a specific product or service. Follow along to learn all things promo videos. From what makes a good promo video or its cost to the benefits of creating one.

What makes a good promotional video?

Good promotional videos do not sell but tell stories instead. People are moved to make decisions based on emotions rather than on facts or statistics. Connecting with audiences on a personal level is, therefore, key to convincing them to make a purchase.

Some of the steps to be followed to create compelling promo videos are the following:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Message definition
  3. Budget setting
  4. Storyboarding
  5. Production
  6. Post-production
  7. Promotion.

Many people believe that budget setting is not relevant enough to be included in that list, but they are wrong. A promotional video can cost anywhere from £500 to £50,000. Several factors such as the location, equipment, or promotional video type will alter its cost of production. Knowing which are your limits from the beginning is key to avoiding finding yourself wasting your efforts.

Types of promotional videos

We have just mentioned that one of the factors altering the cost of a promo video is the chosen video type. Let’s take a look at the different video types that exist out there.

  • Promotional product videos. They usually include information about the customer experience and the benefits of using a product. This type of video is the most suitable for product launches as people get excited about the product quickly once the video has been watched.

  • About us promos. These videos can be a simple introduction to the company or an in-depth behind the scenes and they are a great way to introduce a company to potential customers or to strengthen the relationship with existing ones.

  • Event promo videos. These videos are used to promote upcoming events to increase the total number of attendees.

  • Explainer videos. These are short videos explaining a company’s service or product to the target audience. They can be in the form of animation, illustrating the steps or in the form of a general video with explanations.

Why do people use promotional videos?

Now that we already know what a promotional video is, the types that exist and the steps to create a powerful one, let’s dive into the main reasons as to why people use them.

The main reason why promotional videos are used is that they give prospective buyers that extra push to make their minds up to take action. In other words, they increase the total conversion rate.

Besides, promotional videos are a great way to convey information in a short period of time. This is key, especially now that attention spans are lower than ever before. Simultaneously, for most people, videos are a much more pleasing and attractive way to process information than images or texts.

In addition, Google loves videos, meaning that promotional videos help your website rank higher on search engines as, apart from driving more traffic to the website, they contribute to an increase in the engagement rate (One of Google’s ranking factors). The engagement rate, which includes total views, shares, etc, is higher when the video is very eye-catching.

Lastly, promotional videos are also a good way of building trust and credibility within your audience. Using promotional videos to inform and educate audiences helps them in the decision process, increasing the foundation of trust.

After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of promotional videos and their importance. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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