Advantages and disadvantages of TV Advertising

23rd September 2020

One of the main activities businesses have is to raise awareness of their brands. This can be easily done through advertising. But the question is, where should you advertise your company? Is traditional advertising still effective?

Technologies have evolved, and right now companies can advertise their products and services on many platforms. They can use the TV, magazines, email or even social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

How efficient is TV advertising in this era of new technologies will depend on your business. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising will help you decide whether you should use it for your next marketing campaign or not.

Advantages of TV Advertising

  • TV reaches a large audience. TV reaches a much larger audience at any one time, than any other way of traditional advertising like the radio or the newspaper. In addition, many adults haven’t got used to new technologies yet. Thus, if your customers are fifty or older, it may be worth investing in TV advertising. 
  • Effective way to send a message. In a TV advert, you combine visuals, sound, colours and movement to convey a message. This contributes to an increase in customers’ retention rate. 
  • It attaches a personality to your business. Present your message in a creative way and add some personality to your brand. 
  • The TV advert can be embedded in other platforms. Once you have invested in the production of a TV advert, get the most from it. Create shorter versions of the advert and embed it in your website, use it on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or add it to you monthly newsletter. 

Cons of TV Advertising

  • It is costly. Producing a TV advert is expensive. You have to pay for the equipment, locations, editors and actors if needed. In addition, you must pay for air time. Thus, it is not just the cost of producing the ad you need to think but also the cost of airing your TV advert.
  • Frequency is essential. Some studies have proved that TV adverts are more effective when they are repeated. Consequently, you may have to pay for several spots if you want to see results. 
  • It is difficult to make changes. To update or change some parts of the advert, you may need to re-shoot the entire ad. It may take more time and money. Thus, make sure you know the message you want to convey before filming. 
  • It is difficult to target your audience. TV adverts do not offer as many target options as online adverts. With TV adverts you only choose the channel and the air time while ‘online’ advertising you can target your audience based on interests, gender, location or age. 
  • No guarantee it will be viewed. Many people use the mobile phone or the laptop when they watch the TV. Others use the breaks to take care of their personal needs (to nip away, go the the toilet, etc). 
  • TV advertising is in decline. Since the arrival of new technologies, TV advertising is declining. Many companies prefer to use other means of advertising. 

After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising. This may help you make a decision. Should you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us

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