How to increase your customer base with Restaurant Advertising

Restaurant advertising will have an impact on your restaurant marketing plan. Your establishment may offer the greatest food and service in town, but only a small number of people frequent it. Or perhaps you are a large restaurant seeking to expand. Simply said, creating an advertisement is the finest action you can take for your business. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from other similar eateries and attract more clients.

We, the Impress team, understand the importance of successful advertising for both large and even more for small businesses. Advertising is now really accessible to practically everyone, owing to digitalisation and the rise of internet platforms. Companies from many different backgrounds can profit from brand promotion. So, if you operate a restaurant and want the most cost-efficient and effective plan, making a video is definitely your option.

So don’t waste even more time and get started on your restaurant ad right away.

What type of content should you share?

restaurants with promotional videos
Promo videos for restaurants

You will be able to advertise events, introduce your staff, give some vital culinary ideas, and many other things by using video, which is the fastest-growing internet promotion format.

Here, we will provide you with a complete list of Food Marketing Video Types that you will require for your marketing campaign in order to improve your brand and make it stand out.

It is always best to hire a video production firm like us to make your promotional video ad for the greatest results. You will be able to use visual resources to communicate with people on social media, making them want to go to your restaurant but also start getting more customers in much less time than you imagine.

Types of Food Marketing Videos

Let people when you have an event

Even whether you’re holding a live music night at the bar or a workshop with a Michelin-starred chef, let everyone know what you have planned for the event. But, more importantly, make a high-quality film that shows everyone how much fun you had, so that other people would want to attend these events and have a great time. It definitely is a win-win situation for both parties.

What’s more, you can even livestream the event and benefit from all the advantages it brings.

Share your menu and what you offer

Simple question. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a video with freshly made crispy bread and roasted dishes with glazed sauces? and perhaps even someone serving a pint in a cold glass? Of course, no one. That is why you can create a short marketing film for your restaurant advertisement in which you can present your current mouthwatering menu to entice new consumers.

Share your latest additions to the menu

Have you just added a new dish to your menu list? Film it, make your chef talk about it and why is it so special, and share it with the world. Storytelling is really important in marketing your product.

Broadcast live customer reviews

It’s all about reviews in the food service industry. Make your pleased customer reviews stand out by videotaping them live and editing them into professional films. No one is a better brand ambassador than your actual customers.

So why not make the most out of it? Create a video testimonials and you will be able to generate revenue, increase sales and boost brand awareness. There is nothing better than this.

What Impress has done for restaurants like yours

As we have discussed throughout this article, generating promotional movies advertising your restaurant may be a highly effective method for improving your positioning and client engagement.

As a result, at Impress Video, we can assist you in developing this visual material from start to finish, from conceiving the story you want to tell and writing it to distribute your video in the most effective method possible.

Below, you can see som BTS of the latest two projects we have produced for restaurants around the Derby area. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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