Save money on video production. Is it possible?

Many internal marketing teams lack the expertise needed to produce and at the same time save money on video production. Thus, they contact video production companies like us, Impress Video, to assist them in the video production process. What we have found is that before knowing even what they are going to pay, they ask to think about saving money. But first, we need to explain the costs of video production, so you can have an idea.

Cost of video production

A promotional video can cost anywhere from £500 to £50,000. We know that’s a big range, but several factors have to be taken into account to narrow it down. Even depending on the video type, the cost can change. Animated, corporate, and TV adverts.

Examples of these factors are the type of video that is being produced, location & logistics costs, the quality of the equipment, the level of experience of the crew and the number of actors or filming days needed.

Featuring professional actors offsite for example will always be more expensive than filming the company’s employees onsite.

But each project is unique. So if you’re thinking about investing in video production, contact the video agency you’d like to work with and give them time to prepare a budget tailored to your needs.

tips to Save money on video production

Tips for saving money

We know that producing a video requires a high investment. So we want to share with you three video production money-saving tips.

The first tip is to write a clear and detailed brief. Ensure everyone knows what to do during the production day, this way the shooting will be more efficient and you won’t lose a lot of time.

The second tip is to be flexible. Certain shoots may take longer or cost more than expected. If that’s the case, be flexible and make changes in the following scenes to ensure the video stays on time and within budget. 

And finally, use your own resources. There is no need to hire actors or facilities for the video. Use your own offices and employees. I’m sure most of them will love to participate.

Promote your videos

When creating a video for your company, just doing that is only half the battle. The other half is getting the right audience to watch them.  

You must market your videos and increase your audiences if you want to position yourself as a serious and professional video producer. But don’t worry, in the beginning, it is normal to not have a lot of views, and even your audience gives little interaction.

So the question here is, how can you promote your videos effectively? Well, here we will give you some strategies to follow.

The first will be to select those channels your users use the most.

Then, as we explained in previous blogs, learn the basics of SEO, it will help you rank higher and get better results.

Moreover, we recommend to upload new videos every week. It will tell your customers that you are active.

And finally, interact as much as possible with your audience. Answer their questions, respond to their comments and always, thank them for watching your video.

Save money on video production - promote your videos

Track performance

You need to track these metrics to know if the money you have invested in your video marketing campaign has got you to having good results, or if you have failed.

The first one is the average time duration. When you notice that people only watch 30 seconds of your video although it lasts 1 minute, you may want to reduce the length of your next video.

Then, look at the engagement. Likes comments and shares measure how well your video resonates with your audience. Brands can assess how viewers felt after watching the video through comments or how loyal their audience is through social shares.

The third tip is to check Click-Through-Rate (CTR). It measures how well your video encourages viewers to take a desired action.

Number 4, demographics. You should always keep a close eye on who is engaging with your video. If you aim to sell to 45-55-year-old females, but the video is watched by younger people, then your chances of a successful campaign will decrease.

And finally, conversion rate, which measures how well your video persuaded viewers to convert into a lead or a customer.

Setting the right strategies


We hope you have learned something from these important tips in video production. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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