Best social media video length for each platform

If you are wondering which is the best length for your video on social media, you have come to the right place. 

We know that social media videos have such importance that most marketers use them as an advertising strategy, and according to CISCO, online video consumption will rise to 82% in 2022

However, although the message is the same, the video length on different social media must alter and adapt to the platform’s needs.

For that reason, in this blog, we will explain to you which is the optimum video length for each platform.

People creating content - social media video length
People taking videos to have perfect social media video length

YouTube and Google

As mentioned before, this change across platforms can be attributed to the fact that one video on different platforms does not work in the same way.

As we all know, on YouTube and Google, users tend to search for a specific topic or certain video.

That is the reason why the duration of these films may be lengthier, as people may expect a detailed explanation of what they are looking for.


  • Organic video: to have the best performance, it should be between 6-15 minutes. 
  • Youtube Ads: 15-20 seconds it would be enough.

Video production - social media video length

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok

As opposed to the two latter platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, this video is more likely to appear in your feed.

That means that videos should be interesting enough and catchy enough to keep the audience viewing them without scrolling down.

And for this to be possible it should have the perfect length.


When shooting organic videos, small companies will have enough with around 15 seconds. But longer companies should aim for 3 minutes.


  • Feed videos: Although the maximum length is one minute, videos of roughly 26 seconds attract the most responses on Instagram, so keeping them brief is crucial.
  • Stories: IG stories are short videos of 15 seconds maximum, so the recommended length would be 3 stories, the same as 45 seconds.
  • IGTV: As its objective is for longer videos, we propose the same length as in YouTube videos, 7-15 minutes. However, depending on the requirements for the video, the duration of these recordings may vary.


Although the original 30 seconds limit was substituted with 2 minutes and 20 seconds, brief teaser trailers of 30 seconds would remain the best option.

This is the exact time it takes to say the maximum number of characters on Twitter.


In the platform, there is a limit of 60 seconds on this platform. But it will be better not to exceed 15 seconds, as longer videos make it more difficult to captivate the audience.


You should now have a better insight into the different durations for videos on each social media network. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your time,


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