How can storytelling with video benefit your company

10th March 2022

How can storytelling with video benefit your company

Do you want more people to reach your company? Start using storytelling with video.

Despite the industry we work in, or whether we are a B2B or B2C company, storytelling is essential for delivering important messages and interacting with our customers.

This message is somewhat more memorable if it is delivered in a narrative format that people can easily remember when thinking about your company, product, or service.

It may appear that storytelling is exclusive for major corporations and advertising. However, it is essential in every storyline made, such as corporate and product videos and so on. But only when made by a professional video production company.

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Storytelling with video benefits

Differentiates your brand

Because many businesses throughout the world operate in a highly competitive sector, they must compete with a multitude of other businesses in order to acquire new clients.

Since businesses must market their products and services, it is preferable if they do so in the most engaging possible manner. That is when storytelling enters in.

It has the ability of attention capturing, provoke emotions, and deliver material that may move customers.

Increasing the reach

It is more probable that people will share your promotional video if it contains a plot. It would not have the same impact on people if it merely included dull facts and aired statements.

Creating a distinction

It is not surprising that individuals remember the material better when they use storytelling. As there are numerous ways of retaining information that include the creation of tales, such as learning the periodic table by making up a humorous story.

How to do it

Aside from the recommendations we provided in a previous blog regarding corporate video scripts, we will go over the process of generating the video narrative script and the message in greater detail.

Video length

Although many advertisements use the 30-second video format, things alter when it comes to storytelling.

We feel that sticking to 3 to 5 minutes is preferable so that the film can illustrate the entire tale, develop an emotional connection with clients, and not overwhelm individuals with too much needless material.


  • Introduction: It is preferable if the narrative includes a plot twist, such as the presentation of a problem. This attracts the audience and piques their curiosity in going deeper into the topic.
  • Examine the above: After that, the previously presented problem and challenges are handled in a catchy manner.
  • Finale: In the last section, you can discuss the results and what they mean. it can also persuade viewers by employing a really well-done ad.

The use of subtitles

It helps viewers who watch videos without turning on the sound in comprehending the message.

Include animations.

You don’t want people to be in this video? Without a doubt, animated videos can do an excellent narrative job.

Using storytelling simply entails identifying a basic message that your target audience will remember, interact with, and act on.

But, after you’ve decided on whatever storyline to tell, how can you deliver the idea visually? Here is where we come in!

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