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Amazon product video production

Product Video

21st July 2020

Amazon Product Video

Amazon, todays powerhouse online store, has recently added a new feature to its website: Amazon Product Video. Some sellers (marketplace sellers and vendors) are able to include product videos to their Amazon listing as well as on their initial preview listings

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Instagram videos

Social media video

16th July 2020

Should I Create Instagram Videos?

Although square shape photos (1080×1080) are still the most common format on Instagram, videos are becoming very popular. Some of the reasons that explain this change and that justify the investment in Instagram video production are the following:

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YouTube Videos vs TV Adverts

Social media video

11th June 2020

YouTube Video Production

YouTube videos YouTube is the second largest social media platform where users can watch, like, comment and share videos. In addition, users can also upload their own videos. Used by millions of people per day, it is the second largest search engine.Read More

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e-commerce videos

Product Video

21st May 2020

E-commerce Video Production

E-commerce video production  E-commerce videos are a powerful tool to show your product’s features and to raise brand awareness. At Impress, we produced one of the first set of e-commerce videos for a London jewellery company, producing over 500 product videos. VideosRead More

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