The 6 most important tips in video pre-production

In addition to post-production, video pre-production is critical for achieving a good outcome in the most effective way. We save money, effort, and even the risk of missing out on vital equipment by doing so. So here you have 6 of the most important tips in video pre-production.

Identify your target audience

The first step would be knowing more about your consumer, their needs, and the materials they are likely to interact with, as it will result in a more effective video marketing plan.

Your target audience should influence how you design your content, shoot your video, and the editing process. Research into the platforms your target audience spends most of their time, these are the places you need to distribute your videos. 

There are three stages to this in order to fully identify your target audience:

  • Demographics: factors such as age, gender, employment, family circumstances, household income, and so on. 
  • Psychographics: audience’s aims, aspirations, and desires. What feelings do they have that drive them to buy from you? What gets them going?
  • Behaviour profile.

Plan your videos in advance

The top marketing videos do not occur by accident; they are the result of careful planning and preparation.

It will be much more difficult to achieve your desired goal if you do not have a clear strategy in place. While things rarely happen as planned, the act of preparing allows you to see the final results.

Moreover, a video might appear unprofessional not just due to bad execution, but also due to a lack of preparation. By spending the time to properly prepare your video before beginning production, you can ensure that the quality of your real content matches the quality of your footage.

So, we recommend that you design your video carefully. It will be worth it.

important tips in video pre-production

Set a goal for your videos

Okay, now that you have planned your video, let’s start goal setting. 

Are you having difficulty getting ahead of your competition? Ask yourself, are you setting a set of clear goals? A lot goes into video production. So, whenever you create a video, begin by identifying its goal.

Not every creative concept is executable and not every brilliant vision can be easily implemented on-screen. That is why, when it comes to sales videos, you must be SMART.

  • Specific: your goal should be clearly stated and as specific as feasible.
  • Measurable: with set measures and easily identifiable statistics.
  • Attainability: keep to a reasonable and attainable aim.
  • Relevancy: it is pointless to create irrelevant goals.
  • Time-bound: establish a time limit.

Remember that goals and emotions drive people, thus if you can create the correct goals, you will boost the engagement of your videos.

important tips in video pre-production

Write the script and storyboard 

Both things are really important in video preproduction. Click on these links and learn why.

Know what B-roll footage you need

If you do not know what B-roll footage is, it is the videos that you cut away to, helping bridge gaps in your story.

Do you want to include videos of the company you are working with, or will you cut away from your presenter to show different footage? Then you’ll need B-roll footage. 

B-roll is defined as any material that isn’t of your main subject. As videos of happy customers using the product or external videos of the headquarters.

Figure out what footage you need throughout the pre-production process to prevent occasions where you require a video that you don’t have. Afterwards, the videographer can take all the key B-roll shots to best present your product and service.

Choose the right agency

To finish which are the important tips in video pre-production, we will tell you that the video cost will vary substantially between agencies. So let us give you a helpful hint.

Try to avoid hiring production agencies just based on how cheap they are. Cheaper agencies will use templates and stock photos with minimal to no customization. They will probably not consider your brand colours, logo, or typography. We all know that’s not good news.

Cheap animated videos are likely to have poor sound quality as well. Or it might be good but not work with the animated images.

So, while looking for an animated video production firm, be certain that they create customized videos. Otherwise, there will be little or no return on investment.


We hope you have learned something from these important tips in video pre-production. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.



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