In a recent blog, we discussed the six most significant video pre-production tips. So, now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of how to begin video pre-production, we’ll go over the most important video production tips.

Setting up your studio

First of all, we will explain how to set up your studio.

The first tip is to use plenty of light, it makes a huge difference in the result, so make it your priority during filming.

Although the sun is one of the best sources of light, we all know we don’t usually have a lot, so when filming indoors, you will have to be more careful about which lights to use, and where should you place them. 

Using little or no shadow creates a better atmosphere for business and marketing videos.

If you want to use flat light in your video, balance two light sources on either side of the camera.

The second tip we give you is to use a clean background. This way, you can get a professional look for your video, so make sure your subject stands several feet away from the backdrop to avoid casting shadows on it.

important tips in video production - setting up your studio

Camera related

Now that we’ve figured out how to set up the light sources for our shoot, we need to figure out how to control these lights on the cameras.

Although many cameras include an auto-white balance feature, we recommend adjusting it manually to set it in the real white tone so you minimize colour casts. 

Having the settings on auto will create unnecessary fluctuations in the colour. Making the video consistent in its tone and feel.

If you are unsure about how to set the white balance for your lighting conditions, set it to daylight. This should do it!

Another piece of advice is to avoid shaky footage; We understand how difficult it is to keep a camera entirely still, so consider using a tripod or placing your camera on a firm surface.

Once you’ve set up your camera, try not to move it unless absolutely necessary. If you need to change perspectives, cut from one shot to the next. Slowing down your film or having built-in stabilisation in your camera may be quite beneficial.

But, despite your best attempts, has your film become shaky? Don’t worry; you can always use video stabilization software to repair it afterwards.

significant advises in video production - cameras

Shooting time related tips

The first advice is to record several takes. And yes, even if everything went well on the first take, always shoot another just in case. It’s better to do it now, while everything is already set up than to discover afterwards that something isn’t quite right and have to redo shots.

Another tip we are going to give you is to film in small segments. This way, you can keep yourself focused and it makes the editing process a lot simpler. 

And finally, try to shoot from a variety of angles. This way you add visual interest to your professional videos. This is useful for how-to and product videos. As mentioned in a previous blog, it is important to include a good amount of B-roll footage too.

important tips in video production - shooting time

Audio related tips

Finally, to round off the video recording tips, we’ll go through how to get great audio.

Having great audio is as crucial, as if not more important than, having a high-quality video. Most people can watch a video without good quality, but when it comes to audio, fuzzy and indistinct audio is enough to cause viewers to quit watching the video in just a couple of seconds.

As a result, it is critical to invest in high-quality microphones. In fact, you can get nice ones that will last for a long period for as little as 100-200 pounds.

To conclude the important tips in video production we will advise you to place the microphone as near to the subject as possible. A pop filter can even be used to remove blips and crackles from the recording.

important tips in video production - audio


Now, thanks to our tips, you will be able to film your video in the most efficient way. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


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