Project: The Beatles meets Zeynep Kartal

19th April 2017

The Beatles meets Zeynep Kartal

It’s February 2016 and we’re on Abbey Road London. The 2nd unmarked police car with uniformed officers make their way from the trailer having requested to see the genuine, official, authorised, ‘we have permission to film here’ permit.

Models are getting ready. I’m behind the camera and get the key makeup prep shots. We’re out of the trailer and on the Abbey Road zebra crossing, famously known for the Beatles crossing back in 1969. I film a dozen cut always. This is more manic than the catwalk we shot back in Dec. Why? Because I can’t control the weather, tourists, more unmarked police patrol cars and the traffic that passes by the actual crossing. It was my insight into learning how vocal 99.9% of London black cabbies could be about having to wait in traffic for a stunning brunette making her way across the crossing to be snapped up by the very talented Mr Murat.

2.5hrs, 3 outfit changes, hundred of snapshots and hearing just about every derogatory profanity curse word in the urban dictionary. We had got the shots in the can.

Final outcome

The response was great. We produced video content for Zeynep’s YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The results equaled more traffic directed back to her social media channels and website which showcased the clothing worn and in turn equaling more orders made.

1 week later I get a call from Zeynep.

Zeynep: “Gurmit you’re able to capture something the still camera cannot. The energy, the passion, the rush. The video put the followers at the heart of the fashion shoot in real time, seeing the attention to detail and preparation that went into showcasing the autumn range.

Me: Thank you Zeynep.

Zeynep: “What do you know about filming on runways?”

Me: “Yes, we did the catwalk back at London Fashion week, bring on the next one.”

Zeynep: “No. I mean an actual runway at an airport.”

Me: Erm…

To be continued…


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