The Beautiful Home Our Video Couldn’t Sell…

A home video gives the perfect overview for potential buyers to imagine themselves in that place.

Personally, I love filming homes. I might sound like a geek, but I have been a big fan of Grand Designs Ch4 for years! I love innovative design, and it is awesome when you see the mark of the owner on a property. On the one hand, it is one thing when the owner has spent £500k+ on the property, but the attention to detail inside the property equals to thousands too. Also, you have to take into account the time dedicated to individualizing the personal spaces.

In this particular case, the client chose to film his second property with us. This was his first property sold 2 weeks after filming the premises, and the video is the following.

In addition, the client now wants to sell his renovated old school house located in the Midlands.

Insight into the process of the home video

Using an old photograph the client was keen to show the black and white photograph turning into a modern building. So, we started with this shot and then used a drone shot to get the scale of the property. In the beginning, the opening drone shot captures the location of the property and the actual scale of this old school building that is now a home. Then, it takes in and we achieve our key shot.

Next, we move into the front of the house as if approaching from the driveway and then we enter the building. Each room made great use of natural light, and where rooms were dark we used spotlights in corners to bring all 4 walls to life.

The slow tracking of shots made for a cinematic approach, all due to the influence of Grand Designs! The house had many key features which made it a treat to film. First, a master living room with a natural log fireplace, onto the staircase, along with the dining room and kitchen which worked a treat. Thus, we captured key rooms ending with the master room tracking in, showing the wooden features of the decoration.

Moreover, the client really liked a musical piece he heard. That is why I contacted the Australian composer, who granted us permission to use the music for the use of selling the property. Finally, the music fell in sync with the shots and I’m sure you will agree that it compliments the filming approach.

Final promotional work

Lastly, we uploaded the video for the client and we heard from him 2 weeks later…

“Gurmit we decided to keep the property, after watching the video and upon reflection, we realise we have created something special here. My partner and I still want to enjoy it for some years to come. Thank you so much for this, will defo be contacting you again for some more filming.”

And if you’re wondering, yes we did still get paid.

Here is a sneak peek into the promotional video we made. 


When you start a project, you never know what is going to happen in the end. Even more, we would not have imagined that our video would make the designers not put it on sale. However, we are always happy to help and knowing that they loved the video so much is thrilling for us.

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