Strategic Marketing: Impact of Social Media Videos on Branded Content

The way of advertising has changed in the last decade and there is an increase in the impact of social media videos on branding. Furthermore, with the digital age and new social media apps, as well as the shift in advertising towards branded content, understanding how to promote your business accordingly is crucial.

Social media videos keep being a powerful marketing tool to reach your audience and capture their attention. So, companies need to adapt and reshape their marketing efforts to meet the needs of consumer demands and viewer patterns. Consequently, this post will provide a strategic marketing view on making the most out of social media videos and their effect on branding.

Rise of Social Media and Branding

Social media apps are increasing in importance and customer reach, with new apps such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok… making it. a challenge for businesses to communicate with their audience. Furthermore, videos keep being the preferred form by users to know about a business, a practice or a product among others. Statistics showcase that social video produces 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

importance of social media videos
increase in social media videos

Branding approaches to make videos entertaining and interesting for viewers. Also, it focuses on reshaping into different forms of advertising to introduce a business, hence, adapting to the audience rather than making the audience adapt to the business.

How social media videos can enhance branding

1. Implementing Visual Storytelling

Social media videos enable brands to express their story engagingly. Videos can transmit messages more effectively than images or text. A strong video can reveal a brand’s path, mission, and unique selling characteristics. So, storytelling makes a unique identity for a business for audiences to relate to.

2. Keeping Consistency and Recognition

Maintaining the consistency of regularly posting videos will create a brand identity and its aesthetic. Moreover, consistency in video material helps to create brand recognition. In the long run, this consistency cultivates a strong, consistent brand image that distinguishes out in the chaotic social media market.

3. Seeking Authenticity

Authenticity is key to building a trusting relationship B2C. Social media has different platforms that target each purpose a business can reach for, making it the ideal place for businesses to advertise. However, ensuring authentic content is what will provide returns and increase engagement, which then transforms into conversions for the company.

4. Improving Conversions

Videos are a great form of driving customer actions in a business. Brands may use social media video production to develop persuasive content that directly influences purchasing decisions and improves overall conversion rates.

Some examples of using videos for conversions include:

  • Showcasing a product and its characteristics.
  • Using customer testimonials.
  • Making a compelling CTA.
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Explaining the company’s history through a video.
social media videos for businesses
Using social media apps to show a process or a product

5. Ensuring Adaptability across Platforms

Social media videos are adapted to different platforms and devices, making it easier for users to see the videos. From short videos on Instagram to instructive content for LinkedIn or stories on Facebook, IMPRESSive video strategies can adapt to each platform. As a result, maximising the video’s reach and impact on branding.

Social Media Videos to  Create a Lasting IMPRESSion on Audiences

Boosting Engagement and Interaction

Videos are the most engaging way to interact with users and capture their attention while making complex messages easy to understand. Interactive videos, such as live streaming and Q&A sessions, increase engagement by allowing businesses and audiences to connect in real-time.

Resonating Emotionally with Viewers and Viral Potential

Evoking emotions will boost the interaction more effectively than texts or images. Emotional content along with good storytelling will create a lasting IMPRESSion on the audience. Additionally, if a video goes viral, the figures of shareability will increase, reaching a wider audience. Thus, increasing brand awareness and boosting business growth.

Applying Social Media Videos for Branding

User-generated content (UGC) is very powerful and can give a more credible and authentic view to users, making them more likely to trust your company. Also, product demos and tutorials will educate your audience, make them understand how to use your products or services and also provide them with tips. Lastly, influencer marketing and their collaborations are very popular currently as they have large audiences and their conversion rates are high.



Overall, social media videos impact greatly branding. Besides, these videos enhance brand visibility through visual storytelling, adaptability, consistency and authentic content. As social media continues to dominate the digital landscape, organisations that want to engage with their audience and achieve long-term success must harness the potential of video.

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