The role of animation in TV advertising

How can we use animation in TV advertising? That’s an excellent question!

Because of the big advancements in technology over the previous few decades, animation has become more popular for advertising purposes. 

However,  by going back to the beginning, we see that in the 1930s, ads were mostly theatrical broadcasts, and there were only short skits with animation.

It wasn’t until the 1940s that combining the arts and animation with ads became real.

But, for the time being, let us put history behind us and explain what the role of animation in advertising is, what its major benefits are, and what varieties of animation exist.

advertising and animation

The role of animation in advertising

Companies can present a whole TV advertising campaign in only a few seconds with an animated advertisement.

Because of it, businesses may construct imaginary characters without the need for them to be realistic. This allows them to catch a viewer’s imagination while telling their story.

It can be enjoyable because there are no creative boundaries in the production, and animators can employ several tools to do so such as 2D, 3D, or CGI (however you prefer to call it).

Ease to understand the message

Companies may communicate their message in a very effective way with these sorts of ads. As a result, clients’ trust and comprehension of your brand grow, causing the company’s customer loyalty to grow.

Furthermore, their creation may be a fantastic tactic for businesses to improve their image among the younger generations. Depending on the type of video they want to create, companies can use a different type of explainer video.

This is because the introduction of animation may make your firm appear more innovative and trendy.

Advertisements during lockdowns and other occurrences

One of the most essential aspects of animation is the huge variety of methods available to do it. Companies may design their style and employ their preferred methods.

With something like a Covid-19 outbreak, there have been massive work-related incidents. Which makes it impossible for firms to continue developing productions.

However, because of animation, businesses may continue to operate and create some fantastic high-quality adverts.

Cost of animation

After discussing the advantages of animation during lockdowns, we can conclude that they are a standard technique of communication in the majority of niches. 

This is because it is a far lower-cost alternative to traditional advertising and is efficient in engaging your audience, among other advantages.

Live-action may be more expensive since there is a lot more room for error and delays than animation. On the other hand, it only takes some voice actors and a few animators to produce a high-quality animated video.

One of the greatest examples

Here we are just going to showcase what we believe is one of the best-animated TV adverts. Although beans on toast are beans on toast all around the world, Heinz did something to behold with this TV Advert.


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