Let Your Work Speak For Itself!

5th July 2016

Amazon & Consumers

When Amazon included their ‘feedback’ feature on products previously sold to customers an interesting thing happened. Companies were no longer the spokespeople for their products and services, consumers now had a role to play and a strong one at that. They found a platform from which to voice their opinions on products bought and used.

Comments, feedback and star ratings now play a powerful, pivotal role in the purchasing of products online. I for one spend much time reviewing customer feedback on items I buy including hard drives and technical equipment. This consumer transparency has now been adopted by many online companies selling goods and services, companies such as eBay, AirBnb and Booking.com.

Video Developments

YouTube gave consumers a more personal platform to showcase the unboxing of new products to using and reviewing them. Companies across the spectrum soon saw the advantages of consumer feedback in both written and video form – evident as hundreds of users with big followings are being sent free products to test and review online.

Over the past few years it’s easy to see why businesses have adopted video client testimonials (video talking heads) on their website as part of their marketing. The video testimonial gives a more personal touch as people can further identify themselves with the person being interviewed.

I’ve personally found that ‘people buy people’, and when the testimonial is backed by a handful of customers or clients reinforcing the same message, it becomes easier for the online consumer to make a hotel reservation, purchase a product or acquire a new service.

To date we’ve produced hundreds of client testimonials and it’s great to know we’re producing video content for businesses who have left a lasting impression on their clients and customers who want go the extra step to thank them by being on camera, which in itself is no easy feat.

Our Approach

We took this ‘Video Testimonials’ approach first hand when producing our updated promotional video, sure we could have showcased all of our productions for 120secs but instead we opted to promote our services by having the people who we’ve worked with say nice things about us. In our case Web design agencies, and prolific clients excelling in their respective fields.

So what do our clients say about us? In 71secs we capture the key points of what we offer but more importantly the experience and service our clients received. It’s really nice of our clients to voice their feedback and its a great feeling to know we’ve provided something of value for them.

When people say nice things about you… It truly allows your work to speak for itself.

Our Client Feedback as on our homepage www.Impress Video.co.uk


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Gurmit Samra


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