Using Consumer-centric marketing in the era of Video Testimonials

The rise of consumer-centric marketing has completely transformed the business landscape, particularly in the realm of e-commerce. Companies are no longer the sole spokespersons for their products and services.

Instead, consumers have been given an unprecedented role in shaping the conversation around what they buy and use. This shift is particularly evident in the online space. There, customer feedback, comments, and star ratings now play a critical role in the purchasing decisions of online shoppers.

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Using Consumer-Centric Marketing in your strategy

Amazon & Consumers

Amazon was one of the first companies to adopt this consumer-centric approach. They did that by incorporating a “feedback” feature that allowed customers to share their opinions on products previously purchased.

From this moment on, companies were no longer the spokesperson for their products and services. This feature gave customers a platform to voice their opinions and experiences with products. Thereby, empowering them and making them an integral part of the sales process.

Comments, feedback and star ratings now play a powerful, pivotal role in the purchasing of products online. I, Gurmit, spend much time reviewing customer feedback on items I buy, like in hard drives and technical equipment for our video production.

Nowadays, many companies have implemented this transparency, like eBay, Airbnb, and, among others.

Video Developments

In the era of consumer-centric marketing, video has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses looking to build trust with customers. YouTube has given consumers a personal platform to showcase the unboxing, usage and review of new products, allowing for valuable feedback in both written and video form. As a result, companies have started sending free products to hundreds of users with big followings for testing and review.

One of the most popular video formats in recent years has been the video client testimonial, also known as “video talking heads”. Video testimonials provide a more personal touch, allowing potential customers to identify with the person being interviewed. They have proven to be an effective tool for building trust with customers, as real people vouching for a product or service can be more relatable.

As part of their marketing strategy, businesses have adopted video client testimonials on their websites. The more testimonials there are, the better. Mainly because it is then easier for online consumers to make a reservation, purchase a product, or acquire a new service.

Companies in turn can benefit from this and generate revenue from getting good reviews.

With this in mind, we have produced hundreds of client testimonials. Which allows businesses who have left a lasting impression on their clients to thank them by being on camera. We know that “people buy people”, and having a handful of customers or clients reinforcing the same message can make a big difference in building trust with potential customers.

Our Approach

At Impress Video, we’ve taken this approach to heart. Our approach to marketing is centred around the concept of consumer-centric marketing, which emphasises the importance of building relationships with customers and listening to their feedback. We believe that when people say nice things about you, it truly allows your work to speak for itself.

That’s why, in our last promotional video, we opted to promote our services by having the people who we’ve worked with say nice things about us. Instead of showcasing all of our productions for 120 seconds, we chose to highlight our clients’ experiences with us. These video testimonials capture the key points of what we offer. But more importantly, the experience and service our clients received. In just 71 seconds, we’re able to convey the value we provide to our clients, and the importance we place on their satisfaction.

In conclusion, consumer-centric marketing is a powerful approach that’s transforming the way businesses approach marketing and sales. By giving customers a voice and listening to their feedback, companies can build stronger relationships with their customers. But they can also build trust, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty. At Impress Video, we believe in putting the customer at the centre of our marketing strategy, and we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of this approach.


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