The top 7 live-streaming platforms for your events

You all may have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of live streams carried out by businesses.

It’s hardly surprising, given that during the coronavirus pandemic, live broadcasting was the only method for many businesses to boost their client base.

The growing relevance of live broadcasts has resulted in an increase in the number of live-streaming platforms accessible. Choosing a decent platform is critical to the success of your event, so here’s a list of the top seven.

7. Dacast

Dacast is a live-streaming and video-hosting platform too. As opposed to other platforms, Dacast allows its users to customise their live stream to align them with their brand image. But its main advantage is that it offers support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

A professional is always there to solve any technical problems or any other query. There is also a video hosting pay-for-view feature, which is good for anyone working in the event industry.

6. Facebook Live

live-streaming platforms - facebook

The Facebook Live feature, which enables people to broadcast live, was released in 2016. It is commonly used by businesses and organisations that are new or starting in the world of live streaming and that want to connect with existing audiences.

As for its benefits, audiences can interact by adding reactions and comments to the chat and the video is automatically saved once it is finished. The platform also offers scheduling features, analytics and monetisation options. Plus, it notifies all followers or anyone visiting your site that you are live.

However, since it is a free platform, Facebook poses many challenges on video ownership, time limits and monetisation too.

5. Instagram Live

Instagram lets users watch live streams through stories. The platform is free and easy to use. It allows you to save the stream once it is finished and notifies followers when you go live too. Plus, it has a live chat and an “add a guest” function that makes it unique.

As for the drawbacks, Instagram Live has minimal professional features and no monetisation options.

4. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is mainly used by professionals that want to promote events, recruit employees, or establish themselves as thought leaders in their markets. The platform has a live chat and allows the organisers of the live stream to save the recording and access analytics data. The downside? Users have to ask for access and there are no monetisation options.

3. Vimeo Live

Vimeo is a platform that offers both, streaming and video hosting services. It came out in 2017 and it was specifically created for the business world. Years later it is considered one of the largest ad-free open video platforms.

It isn’t free and does not generate as much traffic as the other sites neither, but it does a great job specialising its software for corporate events.

In addition, this platform offers a pay-per-view option, meaning that organisers can charge viewers for watching the stream. It also allows them to sell the content at the end of the event.

2. YouTube

livestreaming platforms - youtube

Youtube was one of the first providers offering live streaming video services. Live streaming on YouTube is easy, but channels have to be verified in order to do so, which usually takes around 24 hours.

The platform has wide access to viewers and a chat function that allows organisers to engage with the viewers. Besides, it lets you monetise your videos. To earn money you need to become a YouTube partner and sign up to an AdSense account though and there are some eligibility criteria you need to meet to become a YouTube Partner. For instance, your YouTube channel needs to reach 4,000 watch hours within 12 months and have 1000 subscribers.

The downside to YouTube Live is its size. There are so many creators on the platform that making your live videos stand out could be a challenge.

1. Twitch

The Amazon owned prominent platform offers the live streaming service as well as on-demand videos. This allows viewers to watch whatever they want right from their console or PC. It gives you access to the most powerful platforms for the quickest live streaming.


What platform is the best for my live stream?

As it can be seen, there are several excellent live streaming options accessible nowadays. Choose the one that your target audience uses the most. However, if you are in doubt, try multi-streaming in as many platforms at the same time as possible.

This is critical for avoiding wasting your efforts since you can guarantee that in one way or another, the video will reach the people you aim.


After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of which are the top live streaming platforms. Thank you for reading this blog,



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