Top Product Video trends for 2021

25th February 2021

Almost every marketing guide for 2021 includes the same advice: add video to your marketing campaign. But, what’s the best video type? How much does video production cost? What are the video trends for 2021? These and many other questions may have come to your mind after reading multiple sources. However, in this blog, we’re going to explore the latter. Let’s look at the top product video trends for this coming year.


9 Product Video trends for 2021

1. Shoppable Videos

Something really common place on social media will be shoppable videos. These videos allow the customer to buy the product or service as soon as they see it – if the viewer clicks on the product, he/she is directly sent to the company’s website, where he/she can make the purchase. Many businesses are already using them to cope with impatient shoppers. Head over to Instagram or Facebook to see some examples.

2. 360 Degrees Videos

This year many businesses will use 360- degree video, an immersive video that allows the viewer to look in any direction. A lot of expertise is needed to produce these videos. So, if you decide to produce one, consider hiring a video production company. The production process will be then simple and enjoyable.

3. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos will be also common as they are easily produced by brands and more engaging than regular videos. What’s more, those companies that produce interactive videos are positioned as tech-forward thinking companies, which is valued by modern consumers.

4. Less Production

Consumers demand more authentic content than ever before. They expect brands to post weekly or even daily content. As a consequence, we’re going to see an increase in the number of videos produced by the brands themselves using their digital cameras or mobile phones rather than by video production companies.

5. Soundless Videos

Nowadays, many people prefer to watch videos without sound, especially if they are in a public space. Creating videos with captions and valuable content will help you reach larger audiences.

6. Training and Learning Videos

Most people avoid branded videos. They only click on them when the content is interesting and informative. These training videos will encourage viewers to click on the play button to learn more about a product, service or the brand itself.

7. Vlogging

Many companies, celebrities and influencers are currently using (and will use) vlogs to connect with their customers. Apart from being an amazing tool to showcase products, operations or behind the scenes, vlogging humanises a brand and helps businesses build brand trust.

8. Short Video Ads

Young people love short and straight to the point videos. If you are targeting the youth, you may find yourself creating short videos that engage and get results. Some of them even use funny jingles or crazy dance moves (The Tik Tok or reels style).

9. Optimised videos

Finally, all videos produced in 2021 have to be optimised to rank on SERPs. To do so, you’d have to use video files names, titles and descriptions that contain the keyword you want to rank for, add relevant tags, subtitles and create attractive thumbnails.


Although we’re focusing on video here, it doesn’t mean you no longer need other types of content for your marketing campaign. Using text, videos and images all together will help you obtain overall better results.

After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of what the video trends for 2021 are. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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