People are more inclined to buy a product after seeing it in action. Having a clearer idea of the problems the product solves encourages them to take action. Besides, video brings entertainment to the viewers making it easier to make a sale. According to insivia, a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Here in this blog, we’ll take a look at the product videos that are more likely to increase your website’s conversions.

Top product videos to increase conversion

Product Demonstration Videos

Product demos are used to showcase a product’s features and to provide an explanation of how it works. This product video type is popular because it allows viewers to experience the product from the comfort of their homes.

Having a product demonstration video on an e-commerce website helping viewers identify the main characteristics of the product they are interested in and helping them assess whether it meets his/her needs simplifies the buyer’s purchasing process.

Below there’s a summary of the product demonstration videos we produced for Pravins Jewellery. All videos are short and simple, providing the necessary information to convince the target audience to purchase the jewellery.

Product Testimonials or Review Videos

Product testimonials build credibility. People do not longer rely on brands. Instead, they prefer to hear about a product or service from existing clients. Thus, having video testimonials on your product page is key to converting website visitors into clients. Your current customers’ trust and belief in your product become an inspiration to others.

A screenshot of a product testimonial video
Product testimonial of a make-up brand done by an influencer

Product Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are relatively new, but they are slowly becoming more popular. Unlike the traditional linear videos that we use, interactive videos are not for passive viewing. They encourage the viewer to directly engage with it, giving a more immersive experience.

An interaction video tends to have a conversion rate of around an 11%. It is a powerful tool when it comes to selling as viewers can click on the video to see more information about the product whilst the video plays.

Businesses owner can create interactive videos with the help of interactive software. For instance, they can use Wire Wax, Rapt or Haypak which are the most popular ones.

A screenshot of an interactive video
Ted Baker using interactive video to showcase their latest clothing range.

How-to Product Videos

How-to product videos showcase viewers how to use a product step by step. They allow viewers to understand the product’s functionalities and how easy or hard it is to use it. These videos are especially effective at increasing conversions between those consumers that are detail-oriented.

A screenshot of a video tutorial or how-to video
How-to video for a new range of makeup products

Product comparison videos

Sometimes people struggle to make a decision due to the huge amount of similar products available in the market. A video highlighting what makes your product different from your competitors’ one may encourage the potential customer to make a decision. People that find the purchasing process simple are more likely to become loyal customers. Thus, make sure the buyer is satisfied with the process.

A person doubting between two products to highlight the importance of a comparison video
Comparison of two different types of phones

Summing Product Video Conversion

The key to increasing returns from your product video is mainly aiming to meet the needs of your consumer. It’s not about giving just facts and forcing a sale through a video. It’s all about producing content that the audience can use and benefit from.

The type of product video you would need to create depends on your industry, and individual customer problems. If you have a wide range of products to choose from and you see that your customers find it difficult to find the right product, why not include a product comparison video to facilitate the process?

Having the right type of video will help you increase your online product sales, this why choosing the right video for your organisation is important. It will convey the messages in the most effective way, making it clear and simple to the audience.

After reading this blog you may have an idea of which product videos you should use to increase conversions. Should you have any doubts, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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