TV Advert Production Companies

30th April 2020

TV Advert Production Companies

If you’re looking to find TV advert production companies for your next project look no further. We’re Impress, with offices located across the UK, London, Midlands and Manchester we provide competitive TV advert production rates.

We cover the whole 360 process of creating an advert from idea concept to final delivery of the advert to TV channels.

Our approach as a TV Advert Production Company

Our approach includes producing the concept for the TV advert idea, we do this by presenting a number of creative ideas for your product and or service. We support and present these ideas with a detailed description of the 30sec advert using storyboards, showing clearly what happens at each stage of the advert. In this way, you can see clearly what your advert will look like in its tone, pace and style.

As an experienced TV advert production company, once an idea has been selected we then cover the following aspects of the TV advert production:

– Casting.
– Location scouting.
– Scheduling.
– Equipment Planning.
– Cast and crew.
– Catering and logistics.
– Producing and filming.
– Editing, grade and effects.
– Music score.
– Sound Design.
– Final export.

Distribution of the TV Advert

Throughout the production process we ensure your advert is TV ready, working closely with ClearCast. Once fully produced and cleared for broadcast we will facilitate your advert right up to the final delivery to your preferred channels. We will provide clear outlines of costs of advertising at certain times on key channels, helping you to decide your budget for your TV ad spend, whether you want to advertise on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 or Sky.

We also have the tools and know-how on how to best advertise your video online via key social media sites and online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, our experience in TV and film production allows us to really make the most out of your budget when considering your ad spend for your advertising campaign.

Advantages of TV Adverts online

Advertising on TV certainly adds a level of prestige to your brand, as this platform is usually kept for the big players. Moreover, it is now key for brands to allocate a part of their ad spend online. Here you can really target your key target audience, by age, location, interests and gender. These tools will also help you to track, measure and scale your advertising campaigns.

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