How to be efficient in a TV Advert Production

To be able to combine the stylist, logistic, and financial aspects of a tv advert production is really difficult. To do so, you will need a tv advert production workflow model that helps all parts of the project.

A well-thought-out plan that has been properly defined and disclosed, will allow reaching every objective and minimise every change appearing out of the blue.

The pillars of developing a productive TV advert production workflow are all about pre-production planning and open communication. Thanks to these pillars, the following phases can be carried out.

TV advert production workflow - recording

Technical Script

As we explained in previous blogs, to produce a high-quality TV advert, you need to set your goals and create a mood board to showcase your ideas. Be careful, because it is different from the storyboard.

After you’ve completed all of this, you’ll need to write the screenplay, which will outline all of the technical aspects of the production.

In this manner, any member of the team will be able to provide insight. It is more ideal to do it now, at the early stages of production, rather than later.

Video Shot List

You will need to prepare a detailed shot-by-shot breakdown of the full advertisement. This should include each individual shot required for production.

Some producers will insist on videotaping each shot precisely as intended, while others will allow for modifications or alterations on the fly. This list, in either case, will give a precise path to follow.


Those in charge of sets and clothing will go through the shot list and make their own list of what they will require.

Unless your advertisement is historical or has a complex idea, you can get everything from any clothing store. But if you need something hard to find, don’t hesitate and contact a rental services company.

Day of Production

It is critical to plan the time that people have to arrive at the production site.  Have in mind that most production days may last 10 or even 12 hours.

This way, you will make the most of your crew, actors (chosen after the casting process), venue, and equipment rentals.

Post-Production Process

Editing is often done in steps that include raw video file transfer and organization, story cut, and video and audio layering.

The story cut consists of putting together all the shots in the right order.

Before finishing editing the video, it is a good moment to talk with all the team and ensure everything has gone according to everybody’s plan. Then, your TV advert will be ready to go live!

TV advert production workflow
TV advert production workflow – watching TV advert

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