Everything you need to know about TV Adverts

The TV advertising industry is on its way to a big transformation. Due to the drastic changes brought by multiple lockdowns in the UK, video consumption has driven up. People are watching videos on multiple screens and video services.

This year is, therefore, the chance for advertisers to adapt to this change, and to get their brand names and services out there to a larger crowd.

Rather than adopting the traditional methods of TV advertising, it is a necessity to adopt future trends of TV advertising. Although this does not come without its challenges.

So, what is next for TV advertisements?

Drive innovation for TV Advertising

As mentioned, there is a larger number of people consuming videos, but viewers are not only distributed across TV as before. People are migrating to different forms of video services, such as video-on-demand (VOD), over-the-top (OTT), and digital.

TV advertisements need to seek a solution that addresses not only the linear but also the digital TV viewers.

TV commercial production companies need to think of effective marketing strategies that involve this cross-platform effectiveness.

everything you need to know about tv advertising

Being programmatic for the television landscape

Currently, a lot of money is wasted with the research that goes into identifying the best time and places to broadcast TV commercials. With the new AI technologies being implemented across television networks, it is becoming easier to do so.

This support in the addressability of targeting the correct audiences at the correct time and place is necessary.

Having valuable data is the lesson here. To adapt video services to be efficient with the data provided by emerging technologies.

Follow audiences between TV and digital video

Target audiences end up split into other platforms with multiple screens. Consequently, the boundary between traditional TV and digital video is blurry.

To compensate for this, advertisers need to keep track of their audiences, and follow them when necessary. In the day and time when there are fast market changes and customer presences, this becomes a necessity.

You need to understand that viewers are looking for the most convenience. Hence, as an advertiser, you need to become optimal for them.

TV Advert in 2022 for Video On Demand
TV Advert in 2022 for Video On Demand

Why is TV Advertising still important?

And finally, we are going to discuss if TV Adverts are still important nowadays or not.

On the one hand, we can think that there is great growth in the digital video landscape. However, that is the main thing that it lacks compared to the traditional TV.

On the other hand, we all know that television has been with us for a long time. Thus, marketers and video production companies like us really know how to produce quality videos. This credibility within television gives advertisers more value in TV advert production.

So all the organisations pout there that are thinking of marketing their products on the digital video need to be careful. And they have to keep in mind that what keeps a company trustworthy is mainly the brand image. Digital video content streaming is still young and can be a risk for brands.


Definitely rethink brand execution to give the right impression to the target audience for TV advertising nowadays. Thank you for taking the time to read it,



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