TV Commercial Production Companies in London

16th June 2020

TV Commercial Production Companies in London

There are currently over 200 TV Commercial production companies in London. As a production company based in London, Midlands and Manchester, we strive to be competitive with our TV commercial production rates.

Stages Followed By TV Commercial Production Companies

The creative idea

As a TV commercial production company based in London we approach every advert with a tailored creative approach.

We usually find our clients key objectives with their advert. Is it brand awareness?  or to generate direct sales?. Furthermore, we take time to really understand your key target audience and to find the right voice for your brand.

After the key research stage of your target audience, we develop creative ideas. Next we will present up to 4 creative ideas for your advert. These will consist of different approaches for the idea. For example, your idea might be serious, humorous, emotionally touching or ‘very matter of fact’.

After presenting the creative ideas via visual description and mood boards, the client will choose one idea for us to develop. Here we will create storyboards and further visual aids to show how the advert will look and feel, highlighting the pace, tone and style.

The production process

Once the client gives the green light to the project, we will carry out the following stages to produce the advert:

– Casting. Finding the right actors.
– Location scouting. Finding key locations. This might be actual locations we have hired for the filming of the advert and where required, we will use a studio and build a set design. The client signs this off in the development stages of the idea.
– Scheduling. Planning the filming day.
– Equipment Planning. Ensuring we have the right industry equipment for the job.
– Cast and crew. Having the right team on set with the professional skill set which includes:

  • Producer
  • Director of photography
  • Camera operator
  • Director
  • Actors
  • Extras
  • Location manager
  • Makeup artist
  • Sound recording
  • Assistants
  • Runners

Other items to consider are:

– Catering and logistics. Feeding everyone on set and keeping people happy!
– Producing and filming. Ensuring everything we film is ‘in the can’
– Editing, grade and effects. Piecing the advert together as initially planned in the storyboards.
– Music score. A unique track produced for the advert with full rights allocated.
– Sound Design. Making sure dialogue sound levels and effects are optimal to industry standards, as well as including any voice overs where needed.
– Final export. Exporting the video for the right specs for ClearCast approval and final delivery to TV channels.

The client signs off each of the stages of the production process stated above. This gives the client confidence that specifications and deadlines are being kept all in all acting as KPI’s for the production process.

Importance of ClearCast

Before moving through the production stages, ClearCast has to check the key stages of the advert making process.

The key items to sign off with ClearCast include:
– Initial script and treatment development including any dialogue from actors and or voiceovers.
– First edit of advert.
– Final advert for export.

In short, TV adverts can not appear on TV unless approved by ClearCast. ClearCast is an independent regulatory body that plays an important role as it ensures your advert is fair, true and following the rules and regulations of British TV advertising standards.

ClearCast, after approving the advert, will provide us with a clock number for your video file. Next, your chosen distribution company, will present this clock number along with the advert. An example of a distribution company is Peach.

The distribution process

A company like Peach Video will work closely with TV channels in ensuring your advert is ready for delivery. Likewise, it will also ensure that the advert is delivered to each station correctly and scheduled for being aired. Peach will present the costs for advertising on each channel and they will also provide a schedule for when your advert will be aired (also known as spots). Finally, you will receive a full set of stats on how many times your advert was aired and watched.

TV Advertisement or Online?

As you can see there are a number of process and stages for producing a TV advert and it’s no wonder why TV adverts can become costly if the right processes above are not adhered to.

It’s also important to advertise online as part of your TV advertising campaign. TV and online now go hand in hand. In fact, online allows you to really track, measure and scale your audience reach, especially when you can precisely target your key target audience by age, region, interest and even gender.

The TV advert production process might feel overwhelming. However, if you’re thinking of producing a TV advert or a TV advertising campaign, feel free to get in touch for a chat and ask us as many questions as you like.

TV advertising is an investment, therefore our mantra is ‘do it once, do it well’.

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