What do TV Commercial Production Companies in London actually do

London is a hub for commercial production companies, with over 200 options to choose from. As a production company based in London, Midlands, and Manchester, we understand the importance of being competitive with our rates. We offer a wide range of services, from concept development to post-production, all with access to cutting-edge technology.

When it comes to choosing a commercial production company, the cost is a crucial factor. Fortunately, with so many companies vying for business, there is intense competition, and many production companies offer competitive rates. Businesses can get high-quality commercials at a reasonable cost.

Aside from the cost, businesses also consider the track record of commercial production companies. They want to work with companies that can understand their brand and target audience, and create commercials that resonate with them. As an experienced production company, we have a good track record of producing successful commercials that meet our client’s needs.

But it is also important to understand the stages involved in the TV commercial production process when working with a commercial production company.

Stages Followed By TV Commercial Production Companies

video production companies in london
stages in commercial video production

First, to create a TV Advert, the creative idea is developed, including the concept and script. Then, the production process begins, including casting, location scouting, and filming. Clearcast approval is essential, as they ensure that commercials meet UK advertising standards. Finally, the commercial is distributed across various platforms, such as TV, online, and social media. Here, we will explain all these stages:

The creative idea

When it comes to commercial production companies, the creative idea is the foundation of a successful TV commercial. At our London company, we take a tailored approach to every advert we create. We start by identifying our clients’ key objectives and target audience, so we can develop a creative idea that resonates with them.

Through thorough research and analysis, we gain a deep understanding of our clients’ target audience. We look for ways to connect with them emotionally and create a commercial that captures their attention. We offer up to 4 creative ideas for our clients to choose from, each with a different approach, whether it be serious, humorous, emotionally touching, or matter of fact.

After presenting the creative ideas via visual descriptions and mood boards, the client chooses one idea for us to develop. We then create storyboards and further visual aids to show how the advert will look and feel, highlighting the pace, tone, and style. At this stage, we work closely with our clients to refine and perfect the creative idea. We ensure that it meets their objectives and resonates with their target audience.

The production process

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production process of commercial video

Once the client gives the green light to the project, we carry out a list of stages to produce the advert.

The first step in the production process is casting. We find the right actors to bring our creative idea to life.

We also conduct location scouting to find the perfect locations to film the commercial. If needed, we build a set design in a studio, which the client signs off on during the development stage of the idea.

Next, we plan the filming day by scheduling and ensuring we have the right equipment for the job.

We assemble the right team for the job, including a producer, director of photography, camera operator, director, actors, extras, location manager, makeup artist, sound recording, assistants, and runners.

We also take care of catering and logistics to keep everyone happy and energised during the long hours on set. During the filming process, we ensure that everything we capture is of the highest quality and meets our creative vision.

After filming, we move on to editing, grading, and effects, piecing the advert together as initially planned in the storyboards.

We produce a unique music score for the advert with full rights allocated and ensure that sound design is optimal to industry standards, including dialogue sound levels and effects.

Finally, we export the video for the right specifications for ClearCast approval and final delivery to TV channels.

Importance of ClearCast

ClearCast plays a crucial role in the production of TV adverts. Mainly because it is mandatory for all adverts to have the ClearCast approbation.

This independent regulatory body ensures that the advert meets the British TV advertising standards, is fair, and truthful. Therefore, before moving forward with the production process, ClearCast needs to check the key stages of the advert.

This includes the initial script and treatment development, any dialogue from actors or voiceovers, the first edit of the advert, and the final version for export.

After approval, ClearCast provides the production company with a clock number for the video file. Then, the production company will present this video to the distribution company for broadcasting.

By adhering to ClearCast’s rules and regulations, commercial production companies can ensure the approbation of their clients’ adverts for broadcast and reach their target audience.

The distribution process

checking final video for distribution
distributing a commercial video production

For TV distribution, we work with media agencies like Peach Video to ensure that the advert reaches the right audience at the right time. This involves choosing the right TV channels, time slots and regions for the advert to be aired in. Our team will also work to negotiate the best rates for airtime.

Peach will present the costs for advertising on each channel and they will also provide a schedule for when to air your advert (also known as spots). Finally, the clients receives a full set of stats on how many times your advert was aired and watched.

TV Advertisement or Online?

Producing a TV commercial involves various stages that must be followed to prevent excessive costs. For a successful advertising campaign, it is also essential to incorporate online advertising, as it allows precise targeting of the desired audience and provides the ability to track and measure reach.

As an investment, it is crucial to work with an experienced production company that follows a meticulous process to ensure the final product is of high quality and effective. At our company, we work closely with our clients to achieve their vision, from the initial concept to the final distribution. Remember, when it comes to TV advertising, it’s best to “do it once, do it well.

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